5 Best Free Online Chat Plug-ins for Your First E-commerce Site (Handpicked)

5 Best Free Online Chat Plug-ins for Your First E-commerce Site (Handpicked)

A recent research shows that around 70% of users over at online shopping stores discard their carts without even checking out. You can’t just blame it to the marketing strategy you’ve been chasing around since the inception of your online store, but there’s more of an overlooked loophole you don’t bother filling up- the convenience-all-the-way factor- the WordPress live chat plug-in. 

This one little thing ensures that none of your prospective buyers (the walk-ins) stay un-responded. So for your utmost convenience, we have rounded up a great collection of free online chat plug-ins for your first e-commerce site that is quick & easy to setup:

Tawk.To Live Chat

Yep! The first spot in our list is truly dedicated to Tawk.To due to its handful features that are available FOR FREE. Monitor and chat with your visitors with 100% on-the-go convenience. What sets it apart from other Wordpress online chat plug-ins is that it is Spam-Free, Malware-Free and FREE OF COST.

The integrated dashboard gives you sufficient real time insights for you to monitor. So stay connected on the move, from your desktop or from your phone. It is compatible with all internet browsers and yet it is easy to setup!

Live Chat by Formilla

A freemium & premium livechat plug-in for your first WordPress site; if you’re a newbie! It lets you chat with your online site visitors at your utmost convenience; an easy-to-install livechat wordpress plug-in that has a pretty smooth and clean user interface.

Soon after installing and activating this plug-in, the live chat button shall pop-up on your WordPress e-commerce site. You can also install its mobile app from your respective app store (iOS or Android) to use this plug-in on the move - if you aren’t available on your desktop computer. However, this feature is only available to Premium users.

Its responsive design makes it quite convenient and fun to interact with your site visitors!

Lively Chat Support

This plug-in empowers your e-commerce wordpress site by connecting you with your visitors. It packs a totally modifiable dashboard and interfaces making it more convenient to hang around. It also features an “Offline Mode” that captures your potential leads while you’re unavailable.

Lively chat support gives you the true power to customize your greetings/thanksgiving messages. The back-end support from lively chat is quite responsive and problem-solving – from a developer’s perspective. You can also take advantage of its premium add-ons in order to increase your conversion rates!

FrescoChat Live Chat

With the help of this easy-to-install plug-in, you can monitor your dashboard or even install apps for your desktop/mobile. Its compatibility feature really makes it more convenient for you and gives you a good reason to install this free wordpress livechat plug-in because it can be installed on all platforms and operating systems.

This plug-in is quite good at managing online/offline statuses and also gives you the option to input (define) as many time ranges as per your need. Whether you’re looking in for a break or building a multifaceted weekly shift (for your agents), it eases all these processes for you. Moreover, you can group your agents into departments (sections) so that your visitors end up to the right department as per their requirement.

Its message diversion feature really makes it a pretty preferred plug-in which means an alert shall be sent to another available agent if the query remains unanswered.

Output Desk Live Chat

Despite being a FREE live chat plug-in, it is quite powerful enough to enable you to respond your customers in real-time and satisfy them in terms of support and convenience. After you install this plug-in, you will get the full authority to avail all its features.

It helps you keep a track of your online visitors. The integrated dashboard gives you a true & fair picture of as to what is happening around your website from monitoring the current page of your website is crawled by your visitors to identifying their sources.

So, folks, this was the best of our efforts. Did we miss something? Comment below with your suggestions and we’ll check to see if we can add it to our next roundup ☺
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