10 Speed Reading Apps For iPhone

10 Speed Reading Apps For iPhone

They say, “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” The quote thoroughly explains what importance does reading holds for the geeks who swear by it. Although the activity is much like a hobby for a number of people their ever-busy schedule may sometimes take a toll on such voracious readers. In Case, you have been struggling hard to get some time to read new things, we have got you covered with this post. The write-up is going to introduce you with the 10 best reading apps for iPhone.

These apps have been developed with proven techniques that help you read fast. By using a speed reading app, you can easily practice innovative ways to read fast along with garnering a pace that suits best to you.

Here is the speed reading apps’ list:


Spreeder serves more like a speed reading training course, of course for helping the readers read fast. The app has also machine-assisted speed reading tools and could also be used as a social media sharing platform. There is a guided speed reading course for the readers that helps them practice on their pace regularly to keep improving. The app offers a number of useful features to the users and one of the exceptional ones is the ability to add different web links. The users could also import links and ebooks while using the application.


ReadMe! can be your ultimate partner to keep your zeal of reading alive by introducing you to a variety of innovative ways. The app is developed with a clean interface along with handy features for the users. Among a list of features that ReadMe offers, Spritz needs special mention. It is a feature that helps readers speed up heir reading by introducing to them a pool of exceptional features. Choose ReadMe! in case you are looking forward to polishing your fluency and work on your speed.


Boba’s speed reading interface seems a perfect fit for those who love reading. It is primarily a browser and a mobile safari extension. Users can easily go through their favorite web content after installing boba on their handsets. After enabling the speed reading extension, the users can get their speed-reading interface pinned at the bottom of their handsets. The plain text version of the article sits out above. Users are allowed to adjust the word per minute anywhere in between 50-450 depending on their particular speed.


The app introduces effective methods, well-illustrated lessons, and amazing techniques to help readers improve their reading skills. Every user’s stats and comprehensions are being recorded and that is how the app keeps an eye on the readers. Acceleread has got some of the updates recently to include innovative features. With an effective speed reading and learning course available for the readers, Acceleread has received considerable downloads.

Flash Reader

Download this app on your iPhone to read fast by employing a number of proven techniques. The app comes handy with a built-in web browser that allows users to find articles in order to save them to read later. This exceptional app functionality helps Flash Reader stand apart from the list of other apps in the similar category. The app also introduces readers to different reading modes. They can choose any of the illustrated methods depending on their speed and reading requirements.

Reading Speed/ Fluency Builder

The app is developed by keeping a child’s learning procedure into the mind and this is what that makes Fluency Builder different from the above-illustrated apps. The app has been developed keeping in some effective learning methodologies into the mind. The app interface resembles a game-like environment helping children go through the lessons easily. There is an audio support enabled in the application that makes the learning phase effective and efficient at the same time.

Marvin 3

Marvel 3 is yet another gem in the list of top speed reading apps for iPhone. The app offers personalized features including a huge range of themes to choose from, different page formatting options, beautiful fonts, and an automated night theme switching. Marvel 3 offers extensive key command options. Users can customize these commands as per their requirements. The customization makes it easy for a reader to go through the texts and keep on speeding up their fluency.


Libby is your route to read ebooks on your iPhone by using a number of effective methods that help you read fast. Libby provides a gen-next approach to manage the digital content that the users would like to get through. It is an impressive app with amazing features to enhance users’ experience while interacting with the application. The app has innovative book reading and audiobook player feature embedded in the application.


Gerty is from the makers of Marvel 3 and thus you can expect it to be as amazing as the former is in terms of features. Give the app a try and you will find it exceptional. Gerty has enhanced features that polish users speed reading skills to suit perfectly to his/her requirements. There are personalized commands, custom options and a great mixture of other amazing functionality that gives an extra bunch of points to Gerty.


Readsy offers a web-based approach to the readers to speed up their reading practice. Just navigate to its official URL and you can start using the features. The app has a similar Spritz integration just like ReadMe!. This integration powers up the speed reading in the app. The app is compatible with web and mobile web. With a handful of exceptional features, the app exceptionally fits the requirements of the readers.

The Upshot

This is all about the top 10-speed reading apps for iPhones. Every single application that is featured here has some distinctive features than others. The functionality of all the above-mentioned applications is impressive too and thus you can choose any given app for speeding up your frequency. By using any one of these apps, one can easily boost their reading skills.

Siya Carla is Business Development Manager at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which makes ideas into reality by providing unique design and mobile app development services.
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