How Mobile Apps Create a New Startup Idea For The Education Industry

How mobile apps create a new startup idea for the education industry

The online world is growing at a fast pace. From communicating over a long distance to watching your favorite TV shows on mobile phones has become child’s play. Everything we see today is impossible without involving technology. Over the year's technology has proven to be a very crucial part of expanding startups and other small business ideas.

Today, almost everyone in the world in carrying a smartphone with them. And almost every company or business startup has its own mobile app. Using a mobile application or app for your business has proven to give an extra boost to your business. This is mainly because a mobile application provides customers a more convenient way to see the services that you provide.

Apart from enhanced and easy communication, technology has made the education industry much more available to everyone.

For example, while studying if you get stuck on some word and you don't know it’s meaning you can simply search for the word on the internet or an app understand it's meaning in a matter of seconds. Or if you are not able to understand a concept you can search for a video regarding that concept on the Internet.

Having their own startup is what many people dream of. Many people prefer starting a business than doing an office job. However, sometimes these ideas might fail because of a lack of funding or non-professional promoting methods.

So, today we will see how you can create your own startup for the education industry and help many students to get knowledge.


According to a national survey it has been estimated that more than 7 crore students attend tuition or coaching centers along with schooling. And of all these students around 20-30 lakh students have subscribed to an online studying tool or app or website.

Online teaching through apps or websites has gained much popularity from the past few years. This is because advanced apps are being made using advanced programming languages making its interface more convenient and easier for students.

However, teaching by a teacher in schools and coaching institutes cannot be compared by teaching with an app. An education app boosts the student's brain to understand a concept more by using visual effects and animations so that the student will be able to remember a concept for a longer time.


One of the main reasons why online education apps and websites have gained immense popularity is because these platforms adapt to a student's pace by providing the student virtual illustrations.

Anytime when the student wants, he or she can pause the video or rewind and again see. Sometimes, the students can't afford fees of coaching classes and tuition so they can use such platforms for very small amount.

In addition to this, a student using online education websites or apps can learn things which are not a part of his academics or which are not taught in school. Like if a school student is interested in learning web designing then he or she can easily learn programming languages on these education platforms along with his or her academics.

Online education platforms provide a visual which helps them understand things in an easy manner.

Let's look at an example of how using an online education platform,

Consider a boy who is taught the Archimedes principle in his school, but he didn't understand the concept in school. But then he opens an online education platform on his phone and searched for the topic. He got videos and animations for the topic, and when the student saw videos he could relate things with what he was taught in school.


Well, if you want to have a startup of your own you will first need a firing idea. Given below are some education startup ideas that you can give a try:

  • Live interaction App: In this idea, you can teach and motivate students, and provide them with career guidance. You can connect to students live and solve their doubts. This startup might require a lot of hard work in the initial stage but once the idea expands more people are likely to participate in it.
  • Video tutorial App: Most of the students find it difficult to understand concepts by reading from books. So, this can be a good startup where you can upload video tutorials of various subjects.
  • Quiz App: There are many students who prepare for competitive exams and they find it difficult to buy books for mock tests and questions. So, this startup might be useful. All you need is to develop an app that provides mock test and quiz questions for practice.
  • E-Book App: Well, not every student is able to buy expensive books for studying. For this reason, you can have a startup that can provide e-books for free or fewer charges so that everyone can have access to them.


To develop an E-learning app you have to take the following points into consideration:

  • You should start by working on what type of learning application you want to build, what kind of audience you wish to attract.
  • Your next step should be determining important features for your application.

  • Then choose the right team and technologies that suit your requirements.
  • Focus on developing a user-friendly app. Think of a compelling UI design. Study other apps.
  • Promote your application on various platforms.


Mobile Applications are successfully taking over in every field. I believe E-learning applications are the future of the education sector as self-learning with online apps can be undertaken anytime without any limitations to the choice of subject. Learning can be more simple and fun with visual understanding and with the guidance of experts all over the globe. Although educational apps have already become a profitable niche in the mobile app development market.

Nikunj is a CEO and co-founder at Webs Optimization Software Solution which is successfully delivering services in the realm of UI/UX design, web development,mobile app development, and enterprise solution. He’s enthusiastic blogger and his writing interest includes mobile and web development technologies, startup ideas and strategies
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