How to Find the Theme of a Novel

How to Find the Theme of a Novel

Finding the theme of a book is so much easy. The genre of the book or themes of the book is basically a sentence which describes that on which aspect the book belongs to. For instance, if anyone read Treasure Island, and when he says that I have read the entire novel Treasure Island so the first question that person will ask is that what the genre of your novel is. He simply finds that the genre of the novel is an adventure. 

But there are some ways to find the genre of the book or a short story. It is not so much easy for any beginner reader to find the theme of the novel in a quick way. But a person can learn how to find the theme of the novel after doing so much practice. By thorough practice, one can become a master in judging master in finding the theme of the novel. In given below these ways is explaining in detail.

Ways to find a theme of a novel

Read and Examine the Work

Prior to identify the themes of the novel the reader must read the literature explains in the specific novel. The reader must be able to understand the foundations of the plot, descriptions, as well as other literary essentials. Spend little time for the purpose to think the key subjects explained in the work. Several common subjects consist of death, age, racism, heartbreak, natural beauty, loss of innocence, corruption as well as misuse of power by several people living in the society around us.

Recognize the Subject of The Work

If the reader of the novel were to describe his or her own friend about the work of the literature which they have read earlier was about, how would you explain that? What would you say is the topic?

Identification of the Main Character

The theme of the novel also is the judge after analyzing the main character of the novel. If the reader finds the name of the main character then he can search about the main character with his or her past literature the reader can understand the theme of the novel.

Assessment of the Judgment of the Author

The way to find the theme of a novel is to read the judgment of the author. From the viewpoints of the author, the reader of the novel can be in a position to easily judge the theme of the novel.

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