Tips To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

Tips To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

It is not surprising that a lot of people look forward to monsoon. And with the rains come a lot of exciting activities, including fun drives, picnics, and long walks. All these activities offer you the opportunity to meet new people, as well as solidify old relationships. However, in all these, a lot of people overlook the need to get their favorite companion (phone) equipped for the time.

Once in a while, you will have to walk in the rain because you like the feel it comes with, but your phone certainly does not. We understand the need to keep your phone safe through this period, and to this effect, we've provided some tips that you can adopt to keep your phone safe from water damage while making the most of the rain.

Get a Phone Raincoats

As part of our preparation for monsoon, we often arm ourselves with nice umbrellas and colorful raincoats. These are steps we adopt to prevent the rain from dampening our spirits when traveling for important functions. Have you ever thought of your phone in all these? Do you realize that your phone needs shielding from the rain too? Get a raincoat for your phone, so it's waterproof also. Usually, we advise that you use transparent plastic for this purpose. Get the mobile phone wrapped properly and use tape to close the end parts. This way, you can prevent water from entering your phone when it rains.

Go Hands-free

Even the slightest touch of water in your phone can cause severe damage, and with the high cost of phones these days, you don't want to lose your phone because of carelessness. It is better to go around with your phone well tucked into your pocket during this season, and nothing helps you achieve this as good as a hands-free. These little gadgets come in different styles, so you can always get the one that's a perfect match for your swag.

Use of Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses have been around for a while, and they help for keeping the phone's screen safe from breakage and scratches. However, apart from these functions, tempered glasses can also serve as a protective screen against water. 

Switch the Phone Off

In an event when water finds its way into the phone, don't panic. Just put the phone off, remind the battery, memory card, and sim card from the phone. Use an absorbing tissue or cloth to wipe the phone gently. Next, bury the phone in a pack of uncooked rice and let it stay there for up to 72 hours before putting it back on.

There you have it, useful tips that can help you and your phone stay safe during the peak of rainfall. As an experienced mobile service company, we are always ready to give your phone the services it needs to last long.
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