5 Tips to Become a Better Student

5 tips to Become a Better Student

We could all be better students, but it can be hard to adjust habits that we built when we were children. Here are five tips to help you to make the most of your college experience without overstressing yourself.

Figure Out How You Should Study

Everyone's brains work a little bit differently, so you will need to have some fun figuring out exactly what methods work for you. you may need to focus a little bit more on working with audio or video methods than people might recommend, or you might work well annotating your textbook. There are all sorts of resources out there to find study tools that will work for what your brain needs.

Write Notes By Hand

It’s been studied and found that taking notes by hand makes it significantly easier for the information to stick in your brain than it would if you were taking notes on your laptop. If you can’t write fast enough to take notes during class, don’t worry.

Take notes the way you need to, whether that’s recording the lecture on your phone or typing everything up. However, you can help yourself to reabsorb that information and make it so you don’t have to study as much, by rewriting those notes by hand. Whether you do this in a notebook, on flashcards, or even on posterboard, you might see yourself retaining more of the lectures.

Make Use of Office Hours

If you aren’t understanding something that is going on in class, the best way to get one-on-one time with your professor is to schedule an appointment during their office hours. Bring all of your notes and be clear about what areas are causing you issues so that they can walk you through the problems.

This will help you to make the best use of your professor’s time and get the help you need. It might take a few sessions if you are having more trouble with a particular topic, but that’s okay. That is literally the reason office hours are required of professors. Don’t feel bad about using it.

Attend Class As Often As Possible - Even if it’s Optional

One of the perks of college is that many of your professors are going to be much more lackadaisical about attendance than they were in high school. Unfortunately, that can be to your education’s detriment if you take advantage of those optional classes. You should do your best to attend class whenever possible in order to make the best use of that classroom time. Remember, you’re paying for this time as part of your tuition.

Get Enough Sleep

There’s a lot of fun stuff going on on any given night on any college campus, but you shouldn’t be going out every night. Make sure that your classwork is your priority and stay in when you need to. During the day, try to use coffee to your advantage, not to your disadvantage. Drink it in the mornings, not at night, and do your best to get a full eight hours as often as you possibly can.
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