3 Books That Will Make You a Better Writer

3 Books That Will Make You a Better Writer

Good writers are prolific readers. Writers who cannot read lack the tools to write. It makes reading a fundamental part of professional writing. I have found the best professionals to ace my paper and deliver a grade A+ paper at any time. Try them if you need any help with your schoolwork.

While writers are required to read intensively, the quality and type of books they read will affect their writing prowess. It means that a writer has to choose his or her books wisely. What should guide your choice of books if you wish to be a good writer? Here are a few tips.

  • Type Of Writer You Wish To Be- each writing industry has unique requirements for its authors. For instance, a fiction writer will require different skills from a scientific writer. The author will, therefore, only benefit if he or she reads books that are relevant to his target area of writing.

  • Author- choose your authors wisely if you wish to achieve their level of success and prowess. Identify authors who produce quality work and are worth emulating. Each author also picks a particular writing style that you could follow. If you read books by high-quality authors, your skills will also improve.

  • Relevance- a fiction writer should read books that help him or her to improve his fiction writing skills. The same case applies to science, biographies, and children books, among other writing genres. If you write for the corporate world, read books that enhance your understanding of organizational issues. You become a better writer when you engage with relevant materials.

A writer will only read if the books are available. A mentor also helps you to choose excellent books that will guide you as you acquire more writing skills. It is not the amount of reading you do that turns you into a better writer. It is the quality of text and your purposefulness when choosing the materials.

Shelves have thousands of books for writers. Though each will have a unique choice, there are standard titles that will be beneficial to all writers. Here are some of these texts and the elements to look for in the book.

On Writing Well

The author extends the title to indicate that it targets non-fiction writers. William Zinsser targets the general writer who seeks to sharpen his general approach to writing. It explains why he includes editing tips for authors. William is a trained journalist and later moved on to lecture at Yale University. 

The author highlights the tricks of writing a strong introduction and conclusion as well as how to capture the imagination of a writer when drafting articles. His overriding message is that artists must never shy away from imitating others. Imitation is the foundation of all art as has been demonstrated by Bach and Picasso, among others.

Light the Dark

The book is the work of Joe Fassler targeting fiction and creative writers. It captures the ideas of 46 creative and non-fiction writers regarding their journies of creativity. It is an invaluable collection that will open your eyes on creative processes, inspiration, and the art of writing.

Zen in the Art of Writing

Why do you write, and how do you draft your chapters? Ray Bradbury thinks that you should do it with passion, enthusiasm, love, and a lot of fun because it will be felt on every word you pen down. Ray gives insights on how to make writing exciting and therefore enjoy a long successful writing career.

I will throw an additional book for corporate writers. Building a Story Brand by Daniel Miller will teach you how to create content that resonates with your target audience. Choose a book that helps you write better in your area of interest.
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