Future of Cloud Computing

Future of cloud computing

Cloud computing is not just a new trend that happened in the past couple of years. It actually came into existence during the early 20s, which is like two decades before. Initially, companies were not ready to adapt it to their products due to the lack of awareness about the potential of technology. But now 80 % of companies have already adopted cloud computing and by 2024 almost 90% of companies around the world are going to completely transform into cloud.

Even Bill Gates who has created a legacy of desktop computing is optimistic about cloud and he says "I would say we are investing more in letting businesses use cloud computers than anyone is, and we have some brilliant projects.". Many such big sharks in TechWorld have already confirmed how big are their future investments in cloud computing. Now let us examine what all are the changes and benefits that cloud computing is going to bring in the tech world.

Speed up Your Business

To match up with the trends and changes in the business world you may require more than a traditional IT process. With the help of cloud computing, you can access files anywhere and anytime making you fast and progressive. Thus you can give life to your innovations much faster and deploy your products sooner in the market.

Reduction in Cost

Replacing all hardware infrastructure to cloud is still a debatable topic and many of them don't agree with this change. But the fact that cloud computing has made a significant cut out in cost is an irreplaceable fact. Cost-cutting is not just regarding infrastructure but also regarding the maintenance cost, power consumption, space utilization, and all of this add up to a significant cost difference.

Storage Capacity

It is highly difficult to manage the in and out of data flow in a company without the help of secure and large data centers. Cloud computing solves these issues by providing data centers at relatively a lower cost and also helps you to scale up your data centers anytime with ease.

Enhanced Performance of Internet

With the internet, information is on your fingertip but it is at the same time frustrating for users to wait for sites to load and access the info. But with the help of cloud computing, these issues are solved by storing data on the cloud. You can always expect a high-quality loading experience with cloud features.

Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

IoT and cloud computing are two advanced technologies and can do wonders when together. With the help of a huge amount of data stored in the cloud, analytical works can be done.


Even though we can't completely say that our data is secured in the cloud, we can have assurance from cloud providers that it is safer than anywhere else. The future of cloud computing is also in security aspects and cloud providers are continually working towards a system that is free from all cyber attacks.

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