10 Reading Lovers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Reading Lovers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

So you aren’t lucky enough in chasing your visions? You must give try your nearby bookstore. Reading is quite a common habit, but the reading lovers are often bored, this isn’t true at present. Here are the 10 most popular reading lovers who have turned out to be successful entrepreneurs.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk co-founded and directs Neuralink, Tesla, The boring company ad SpaceX. As CEO & Co-founder of Tesla, he directs all product designs, engineering, and manufacturing companies of battery products, electric vehicle, and solar energy products.

After the inception of the company, the mission of Tesla is accelerated to the world’s changeover to sustainable energy. The first Tesla product, “The Roadster Sports Car” unveiling in 2008 was capable enough to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.7seconds and take a trip to 250 miles between the charges of the lithium-ion battery.

With charge into the business taken by Daimler and planned partnership with Toyota, Tesla has launched an initial public offering in 2010 June raising $226 million.

In 2008 August, Tesla announced a plan for model S, the company’s first electric vehicle that was intended to take on BMW 5 series. In 2012 model S stepped production at the cost of $58,570. Capable enough to covering265 miles between charges, it’s been privileged as the car of the year 2013.

Matthew Boulton

A chemical engineer, partner with Scottish friends to come up with the newest technologies in the middle of 19C. His love for dramas and novels isn’t known publically. He’s the biggest lover of the work of Shakespearean. Some say his professional creativity in engineering is sparked because of Shakespeare's influence. In the sector of mechanical and chemical engineering, Matthew Boulton is a respected name.

Andrew Carnegie

He’s one who changes the world’s economic understanding. He reads foreign economic philosophies. His viewpoint in the fiscal ethics area is astonishing. He differs from his predecessor’s standpoint relating to the same thought. We can’t counteract the significance of sway that smith has on Andrew’s personal as an economist. His much work is against smith. However, the former party reads the work of the latter one so to produce analytical debate and love for reading that he carried in his days is well acknowledged.

Henry Ford

Ford invents the assembly line production system for automobiles manufacturing. His viewpoint of life is significantly influenced by Chinese culture. He’s the most prominent follower of Asian Philosophers. He follows the Chinese philosophers. He under Chinese socioeconomic theory sway developed the first vehicle that can be bought by middle-class Americans. He converted passion for making the world a better place into a touchable product. His invention has altered the outlook of the world.

Thomas Edison

He invented the light bulb but didn’t do so alone. Thomas Paine helped him in earning credit. He loves Thomas Paine's work. Specifically, he reads Age of reason, inspiring to think eccentrically. The untraditional mindset contributes towards bulb development. He’s another lover of reading who influences the world in many unimaginable ways. He learns the art of wisdom from resultantly and Paine. He would like to serve the world, and he did so through the invention of the bulb.

Oprah Gail Winfrey

Winfrey an American host of a well-liked talk show named- “Oprah Winfrey Show”. She had emerged to be an influential philanthropist. Winfrey had a great affinity for romantic novels that confirms her belief in humanistic values. The primary value of her life is love, and she would like to study modern and classic creative works to satisfy enlarged aesthetic sense. Also, she says that she wasn’t able to accomplish her aim without scattering the message of respect and love. She cleanses the soul that she faces because of the atrocities of the world through diving into the lovable literature regularly.

William Bill Gates

He’s the biggest fan of Warren Buffet. The founder of Microsoft reads books of buffet with great dedication. Warren’s work on wealth management is inspiring bill a big deal. His well-liked book is “Tap dancing to work”. This book argues that everyone needs to consider their professionalism as a religion to find peace and success. After closely linking with warren, he develops into a humanitarian as his guru’s thoughts about life don’t focus on wealth accumulation. He urges his lovers to work for the betterment of society.

Larry Page

A Co-founder of Google, Larry page consumes the maximum proportion of books yearly. He’s one of the biggest fans of Richard Feynman. The author’s book illuminates the mind of an entrepreneur for making different inventions easier. “Surely you are Joking” is the book that he acknowledges mostly. This book shows the idea of a fanatic who experience rejection wherever he moves. He continues with struggling, and one day he became successful. He considers his well-liked book as his life portrayal. Occasionally he reads ancient literature.

Sergey Brin

He is the American software engineer who developed Google by creating a partnership with old friend Larry page. However, he’s also a lover of reading, and therefore Brin has developed an intensive collection of books on a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, he read every piece of material that is published in the world. 

He too devotes considerable time of his day to reading as it enables him to innovate and coming up consistently. He says that reading books inspires him too much. He puts all his aspirations into the technological context to develop new product thoughts. He has an uplifting sense of social responsibility. And that, therefore, causes him to be a philanthropist.

Mark Zuckerberg

He’s also one of the more generous lovers of reading books. He extensively read the books on sociopolitical topics. James Robinson is one of his well-liked writers. His book “Why nations fall” moves mark in evolving social activists. He currently had promoted educational activities globally. He makes a lump sum amount of donations to support the educational institutes globally. He lives a well-balanced lifestyle now. He acknowledges others' value in his life, and he, as a developer of Facebook, offers great incentives to all employees to keep them enjoy working with him.

So, that’s all about the 10 reading lovers who now are the victorious business entrepreneurs.

Matt is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and a coffee lover. In addition to developing blog content, he maintains niche websites related to heavy construction equipment, green energy, and automobile. His posts are always packed with data and real-life examples.
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