5 Snapchat Hacks That Need To Exist

5 Snapchat Hacks That Need To Exist

Have you ever wondered how easy life would become if you know certain hacks? Those shortcuts, those tricks not only end up saving your time and energy but also complete the task with greater efficiency. Snapchat is one of the most sought after apps in today's world. With Snapchat, the communication is much more direct, personal and the best thing is that the image that is the snap can be viewed by people for a few seconds only unless you wish to change the setting, of course.

The snap arts are cool, and the filters are so much fun. With filters making us look flawless and much prettier, Snapchat is gaining popularity, and so are the demands for its premium accounts, but one can get premium accounts login id and passwords from here. Also, not to forget the Snapchat stories are so engaging- you are getting bored? No problem, watch these stories, grab a bucket of popcorn, and get yourself entertained. Now, let's go back to the main topic.
The Best Snapchat Hacks That Need To Be Made Are:

The ‘Screenshot Taken’ Notification

The number one hack, how amazing it would be if we screenshot the snap sent to us by a friend, without getting them notified 'xyz took a screenshot,' this would be so much fun and easy. I mean yes, I really liked your snap, or I want to copy your style, but no, I don't want you to know that I took a screenshot. Or maybe your crush sends you to snap, which is only 10 seconds long, you would be sad about it, isn't it?

Because you would want to see your crush for a little longer. I so wished I knew of a hack like this. Life would be so much more interesting if I would screenshot snaps without my friends getting to know of it.

The ‘Chat Deleted’ Notification

The second hack I would like to talk about is the notification one, which is along the lines of 'Xyz deleted the chat.' No Snapchat, please no. What's the use of letting them know, I deleted the texts since I already deleted them. We may be in a different mood at the time of texting, and a few minutes later, we changed our mind and hence deleted the chat.

And the worst part is getting a question mark from their side, them asking us what you deleted. Hacks like these, in which we delete the text, without them getting to know will be really a benefit for all of us, and I guess it will make our lives much more peaceful as well.

Remove The ‘Snap From Camera Roll’ Title

Now talking about the third hack i would like to try, this one is related to the Snapchat lens. Remember the friend who doesn't stop boasting about how she/he keeps traveling, going all over the world, discovering places, and making their Instagram look like a travel feed and sending us non-stop snaps. This hack is particularly for us, especially for a friend like this. If there is a Snapchat lens in which you can upload a photo from your camera roll/gallery and then send it as a snap to someone.

It won't show that it came from the "snap from camera roll". It will come as a normal snap. That way you can lie to people that you're traveling or maybe you are at some outing place or maybe you are at a fancy restaurant treating your taste buds or maybe at some sports club and the list goes on and then finally send some old photo *AS A SNAP*.

I think this would be so much great and so much helpful for people who don't go much often but want to tell that particular friend that they do go out often. This hack is extremely interesting. And I suppose this is going to be my favorite hack among all the five hacks I am mentioning. Also, this is the craziest and the funniest hack I could think about.

To Customize The ‘Number One’ Category In The Friend List

The fourth Snapchat hack is about how to make someone appear my number one best friend without talking to them a lot. That is about how to bring that pink heart emoticon besides their name on my phone and besides my name on their phone. There are a lot of times we want a particular person to be our best friend on Snapchat, of course, but this person is so difficult to talk to.

Your #1 best friend on Snapchat is the person that you send and receive the most snaps to/from, more than anyone else. If you want to make someone your #1 best friend, you have to simply send more snaps to them than you do to anyone else, and they will eventually make their way to the top of your list. For getting that red or pink heart emoticon in front of their name, we need to keep talking to them a lot for two weeks continuously besides sending them lots of snaps and bitmojis. For people who are introverted, it's a huge task, and it would definitely come into play.

Location Sharing Mobility

Lastly, the fifth and final Snapchat hack, I would love to try is about location sharing. What if we want to fake our location? We are in Delhi but want to show in our contacts that we are in Mumbai. And a few days after, at Bangalore and then, at Kerala and then finally coming back to Delhi. I am pretty sure this one sounds so hilarious and exciting. Probably good for making pranks.
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