The Rules of Speech

The Rules of Speech

Take Time to Plan and Prepare

A well-constructed speech is a key to success. First, think about the message you want to convey and structure your ideas so that each argument is articulated logically. Before you start, you have to think about:
  • What do I mean, my main message?
  • What is the objective: convince, inform, raise awareness, make people act…
  • Who is the audience and their expectations: their level of knowledge, their current obstacles…
It is also necessary to formulate only one idea per sentence.

Your Speech must be Convincing and Impactful

What could be worse than a boring audience during your speech? It must be captivating and must interest your audience. So do everything to get the public's attention. This can go through well-placed silences, but also accented words depending on their importance. Do not hesitate to play on the nuances of your voice: the bass for firmness, the treble for lightness.

To make your speech convincing and impactful, you have to tell a story or do storytelling, this is the key to sending a message to your audience! Well, we've already done halfway there actually! Because by knowing what will be the message we want to deliver, to whom, by already knowing his catchphrase and the problems we want to solve, we have already written half of the story.

Interact with Your Audience

The audience has come to listen to you, so interact with them and watch them: your message will be conveyed more effectively. This is even more true today with the growing interaction via social networks. When you speak, remember one thing, there are indeed two actors: You and the Audience. He must be as much a part of the event as you are. 

For that, you have to make him participate, involve him in your speech. How? 'Or' What? In a very simple way with rhetorical questions, thanks, simply give them the chance to express themselves. Participants should therefore not be mere spectators. Remember, they are the ones who will decide how successful your procedure is, so don't neglect them.".

Focus on The Form

And yes, in the fourth position, we find the form of your presentation. The visuals used and your presentation medium help to retain the attention of your audience. So take care of your Powerpoint, Prezi, or Keynotes presentation before you speak. The PowerPoint must be a support for the presentation but not the presentation itself.

Add images to your presentation: “To be able to communicate your thoughts as well as possible, you have to illustrate them.

Your Attitude and Language

Your speaking speed should be fluid and calm, not too fast nor too slow. If your throughput is 150 words per minute, then you shouldn't have a pitch of more than 1,500 words. Be careful not to start too quickly otherwise, your interlocutor will not understand anything. You don't have to take a train, take your time.

Remember that body language is also very important during your speech: During your speech, you must keep your feet anchored to the ground, accompany your word with gestures and always stay in front of your audience by keeping the link by looking at it. The facial expression must be consistent with the substance of the speech.

Take Care of your Entry and Exit

From the start, you have to capture the attention of the audience, be striking, surprising by giving a number strong, a key message, a quote. Starting your speech with a question can help you break the ice with the audience and put you at ease. This is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for starting a speech. You just have to transform the subject of your speech into one question or several questions. In the same way, you must conclude your intervention with a strong message.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is the bane of any intervention in public! It is not inevitable but a necessary evil that must be controlled. Rather than hiding your stress from your audience, show it by portraying it humorously. It pleases the public to be in the know and allows you to release stress as quickly as possible and to talk about serious things.

Get to the Point

As audience attention is very limited, get to the point, and be concise. The duration of a pitch is random. But what you can't say well in five minutes, you can't say well in twenty. “Good things, when short, are twice as good,”.

  • For a pitch intended for an investor, you have to get straight to the point. In five minutes, it must be completed.
  • For a pitch addressed to a client, the rule to follow is simple. Take the total length of the meeting you have with him and divide it by four. This gives you the maximum length of your pitch. You will thus have time to discuss before the pitch, make your pitch, and discuss again after the pitch and arrive at the next step.

Humanize Your Intervention

To capture the attention of your audience, make it alive, humanize it by using humor and emotion. It is necessary to remain natural above all: You are Human, it is a fact. Like all human beings, you have emotions, feelings, doubts, embarrassments. Do not repress them and leave a part of spontaneity in your speech because this is what will make you appreciate your audience and allow them to recognize themselves in you! A moment of hesitation, an unexpected pause, an embarrassed smile, are all moments that show your audience that you are not a machine but a man like them.

The Rules of Speech

Use Simple Words

Act like you're talking to a child so your audience can understand you! Don't use jargon or overly complicated words. It's a question of balance: not to jargon and not to be too simplistic because in the room there was an informed public. Simplify without being simplistic.

Be Yourself

Be yourself to stay close to your audience. Trust yourself, dare, and indulge yourself. Do not take this intervention as a test but as an opportunity. You will feel great satisfaction afterward because a public intervention provides incredible energy and richness and write essay for me. This is perhaps the most important thing. The people present came to listen to you, someone genuine, they did not come for you to play a role for them. So give them your real personality. For that, it's simple, use your usual vocabulary, wear an outfit in which you feel good, and speak without restraint (or almost).

Illustrate Your Speech with Examples

To add credibility to your speech, use numbers, evidence, and anecdotes. We want to send 1 message, solve 1 problem. So let's use 1 example, or 1 anecdote, or 1 number. This will support our message, and it is often an example, or an anecdote, or a number, which will be retained by our interlocutor. Giving figures, proofs, concrete elements is a guarantee of credibility. In the mass of projects, some were nascent.

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