Is Reading Books Got Outdated in the World of Technology

Is Reading books got outdated in the world of Technology

Reading books or any stuff is one of the topics which creates an opinion difference between people. And I am sure you are part of it at some point. Even many consider this choice as the generation gap. Like today many like to just plug your earphones and listen to music, news, and even stories. Well, this is the result of growing technology.

If you are born in the google era, You must be not really interested in reading books, newspapers, or any other offline stuff. Since you can get the same content easily through your magical gadget called a smartphone. And don’t like that often reading recommendations you get from your elders. Or just think have you actually read anything apart from your WhatsApp message or tweets.

Now, some of you might believe that we should walk with the trend, and accept new things. Which is absolutely true but wherever you try new things you must not leave behind your good habits.

So let’s see five benefits of reading you get even in this advanced world.

Work As Brain Exercise Tool

We all will agree on the fact that exercise is key for a fit body, And we should take care of it. But what about brain exercise? Do you consider it as a body part?. So let me tell you, that Studies have shown that remaining intellectually animated can moderate the advancement of (or perhaps even forestall) Alzheimer's and Dementia, since keeping your cerebrum dynamic and connected keeps it from losing power.

Doing riddles and messing around your brain gives a boost to your brain, for example, chess has likewise been discovered to be useful with psychological incitement.

Help in Stress Management

As I already mentioned that technology is growing tremendously and fields like artificial intelligence and data science made all tasks easy and secure. But you might be aware that stress-related problems have increased irrespective of gender, age, and profession.

People are facing different health issues which are related to stress. Even though we have great technologies still we don’t have machines to reduce human stress.

Reading books gives you a peaceful environment regardless of how much pressure you have at work, in your own connections, or incalculable different issues looked at in everyday life. An elegantly composed novel can ship you to different domains, while a drawing in the same instances will occupy you and keep you right now, allowing strains to deplete away and permitting you to unwind.

Expand Your Vocabulary

When you read you may lead to some new word with unknown meaning which will push you to find its meaning. Word references, both in book structure or digital book structure, can be useful to your understanding of this new word you probably won't perceive. Since you didn't have the foggiest idea about the word, in any case, the demonstration of looking for the definition assists your cerebrum in withholding that new and energizing word. Consider how far your jargon has come since you initially figured out how to peruse. You currently know numerous new words that are cannier sounding than when you initially began perusing.

Well, this is something where you need to be consistent and after several days you get a noticeable change. And it will definitely increase your communication which leads to gain in confidence.

And if you are wondering which one to choose then you can try our Freeebooks where you can get free books.

Enhance your Writing Skills

Is Reading books got outdated in the world of Technology

Reading has a lot more benefits for different parts of your life too. These benefits help to make perusers balanced people. The individuals who compose, know the significance of perusing. Regardless of whether you compose things for work or for no reason, in particular, hefty perusing can improve your composing abilities and capacities.

There are a few manners by which perusing can help reinforce your composing abilities, and every one of these ways occurs without you in any event, acknowledging it.

Improve Your Concentration

It may be a small household work or something very very important at your job place, if you can't focus your attention, you probably lose out on a task.

Now our world is moving virtually with the internet and here attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multitask every day.

In just a minute, the average person at work will divide their time between different tasks, like checking email, chatting with a couple of people and many more to make you restless. After this long hampering, you have taken a peaceful break. Reading gives you not only relaxation but also improves your concentration.

What Should You Read First?

Now after discussing the benefits of reading books it's always hard to figure out how to start reading or what should pick first to read for a beginner. Since you get different answers if you ask as many suggestions to different people.

Is Reading books got outdated in the world of Technology

I believe that when you read something which is related to your one of interest, it makes it easy to maintain consistency. For example, If you love dancing you can read about the history of dancing or any of your favorite dancer biographies. If you are parents then you must read articles like, 10 Activities That Make Reading Fun for Kids .

Books or Articles 

This is one kind of debt, which one is a better option, but instead of deciding on a better option just start reading. And even if you are a technology lover then should try Useful Gadgets For Frequent Readers.

Final Words

Reading is a habit that can help you improve your mental health and knowledge too. I understand technologies like machine learning are making life easy with their advanced algorithms but at the same time we need peaceful time which makes you happy. So get time for yourself and read it since it's not outdated yet.

Akash Praharaj is a creative content and copywriter. He is interested in trending technologies like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence. His writing is a treasure of insights into the latest trends and technologies.

He uses his 4+ years of writing and 2+ years of digital marketing experience to make his articles more interactive and engaging. With a persuasive copy throughout, he is a copywriter in the making.Related Reading- KNN Algorithm using R
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