How to Reserve IP Addresses for a Device on WiFi Network

How to Reserve IP Addresses for a Device on WiFi Network

What is an IP Address?

Hearing the term 'IP Address' for the first time can be pretty daunting. It sounds highly technical and complicated. But don't worry- it's easy to understand this seemingly complex concept. Before diving into the details of how to reserve an IP address for a device, you should know what an IP address is. 'IP' stands for Internet Protocol. 

As its name suggests, it is an 'address' for an electronic device- a unique identifier for your phone, computer, tablet, or any other machine that connects to the internet. It is expressed in a sequence of numbers, and what it does is communicate a set of information to the networks it connects to, allowing a device to 'talk' to another device in the system. An IP address is the 'location' of your device in the world's vast web network. Also, refer to this IP address guide to understanding better.

Do all Devices Possess an IP Address?

Every digital device possesses an IP address- whether it's a permanent or a temporary one. Without it, the device cannot access the internet. You can think of it as a platform that provides the way across to the other side- another system of networks. While using a WiFi connection provided by your local internet service provider (ISP), your WiFi network is assigned its IP address, shared by all the devices you use over that connection. 

So there are two forms of IP addresses- a private and a public one. As you may have got the gist by now, a private one is an internet protocol address that is intrinsic to the device itself. In contrast, a public internet protocol address includes the private address of the device plus its address, which it uses to access the system of configurated networking.

What Does Reservation of an IP address Mean?

Back to the topic- how do you go about reserving IP addresses for a device? Reserving an IP address means that you want your device to have the same address at all times- because if the IP address is a temporary one, it will be harder to connect to other devices and the internet. By reserving an IP address for a gadget, also known as a 'static' IP, you can ensure that your devices have the same IP every time you use them, even after they're switched off or rebooted. 

The process through which IP addresses are assigned permanently is a dynamic assignment under DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Suppose you have a business, for example. In that case, that needs its servers to be connected to the internet all the time, consistently, so that other devices in the world wide web system can find you, reserving an IP address will be beneficial for your websites or email campaigns.

How do You Reserve an IP Address?

Here's how to go about reserving an IP address for a device on a WiFi network connection. For mobile or laptop devices, using the Google Home app is a quick and convenient way to reserve a static IP address for your digital devices.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Home's WiFi settings. Click on the 'Advanced Settings' option.
  • Step 2: Click on 'DHCP IP Reservations.' There is an option to add IP reservations.
  • Step 3: A list of devices is displayed. Choose the ones for which you want to reserve an IP address.
  • Step 4: Enter a static IP address. Click 'save.'

If you want to reserve a static IP address for another device, like a printer, the steps are slightly different. Go to your printer's network configuration page, where you will find its MAC address- a string of numbers and letters. Each printer's configuration settings are different, but a glance at the control panel and your printer's manual will help determine the steps to be taken to set an IP address. If you're experiencing issues, contact your internet service provider to help you with the technical issues.

What are the Benefits of Assigning a Static IP Address to My Devices?

Reserving an IP address saves time. Devices that use temporary internet protocol addresses may have problems connecting to the WiFi network or a server. Say you have a business that has a website. This website is hosted on a specific server. If the computer you use to configure your website has a temporary (dynamic) IP address, it will be challenging to maintain the consistent flow of traffic to your website. The network will locate and identify a constant source from where your website information is being routed by retaining a static IP address. It's almost like you have a permanent 'home' in the network of internet systems instead of being on 'rent.'

So, we've talked about what an IP address is, how to reserve an IP address, and the benefits you will obtain from reserving an IP address. We hope this article was helpful to you in extending your knowledge about the intricacies of the internet protocol.
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