7 Router Features one Should Be Using for Better Wi-Fi

7 Router Features one Should Be Using for Better Wi-Fi

Today most people see routers as a reliable source for the transmission of Wi-Fi signals. But many are still not aware that the router performs its best only when we modify it according to our needs and requirements for the business.

The following article provides some of the features of a router that you can use to make your Wi-Fi efficient according to your requirements. The parts are as follows:

Guest Access

Guest access is one of the most common elements used by a lot of business firms as well as in houses. Using SSID, one can create a separate network to provide guest access, which does not interfere with your primary system and does not compromise your security. Moreover, most of the routers it has a default setting of disabling guest access.

Setting up a guest network is quite easy. Here is how you do it. First, you need to log in to your router as administrator and enable the option for Guest Wi-Fi. Also, define the SSID that your guest network should use and change the SSID broadcast settings as per your requirement.

Finally, set a password and look for additional settings if required. Always remember to change the password frequently for better security.

USB Port for Printer or Drives

Using a USB port in a router for printers or drives is again an economical method. However, some printers that have Wi-Fi capability are quite expensive.

In such a case, it is much better to use a USB cable, which is both cost-effective and reliable since it can print your document on the fly as well.

Quality of Service

Suppose you have a business setup with different systems divided into different sections according to their use, like development, optimization, online support, etc., and need more data for the optimization section.

Using Quality of Service, you can easily assign the bandwidth of packets for different parts as per your requirement. In our case, we will post the highest bandwidth to the optimization section.

In this way, essential segments of the company will be prioritized and hence will get access to higher bandwidth.

Dual/Backup WAN Port

These days, business-class routers have two ports-one that you use for your daily purposes, and the other is for your backup that gives you another internet connection if your first one fails to connect.

This port is useful from a business perspective where you do not want to compromise everything just because of no backup internet connection. Some routers grant you to gain your Internet bandwidth using both Internet connections simultaneously, and This is commonly called load balancing.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is quite useful if you do not want to compromise your network's signal strength just because of one device, which is taking up a lot of data. In such a case, the port forwarding feature comes to the rescue; its use keeps unwanted traffic off networks.

It allows network administrators to adopt one IP address for all external communications on the Internet while enabling multiple servers with different IPs and ports to charge deep down. In addition, it helps in adding an extra layer of security to networks.

Blocking Websites

You might want to restrict your employees from using unwanted and useless websites during office hours. Moreover, some new sites might have malicious content that can affect your network performance.

In such a case, you can block websites of this kind by a simple series of steps: Enter your router's IP address on your browser and log in. Next, go to your router's backend and then click 'Security.'

You will find a content filter option there. Just click that and enter the URL of the websites you want to block from the router.

Filtering by MAC Address

Every device with a connection to the Internet has a unique identifier known as MAC Address, which contains information about the manufacturer, date of manufacture, and serial number.

Therefore, you can use the feature of filtering by MAC Address. In addition, you can disable network access for some devices by either specifying the full MAC address of the equipment or even by identifying the manufacturer.

This feature allows maximum security because you are now providing network access based on the type of device being used. Although it is an essential feature of routers, it is rarely used by business firms or even at home.

These are some of the most useful features of a router. A router is very advantageous if you know how to use it efficiently. You will find many more router components if you explore its settings to see some practical changes in your network.

The above-given features are some of the most important and expected uses of routers for better Wi-Fi.
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