Photoshop Tips and tricks

Photoshop Tips and tricks

Photoshop came to the planet 26 years ago, can you believe it? It doesn't matter if you have ever used this software; it has hugely impacted our lives. We are so familiar with Photoshop in digital lives that we take it without thinking about how to interpret all the changed images ... no matter how subtle the results may be.

In the past, using Adobe Photoshop was considered a sophisticated secret weapon for artists only. On our website at (http://www.crunchytricks.com/2020/11/5-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-adobe.html), we have curated an article outlining the 5 advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop. Be sure to read that article. In today's world, almost anyone with a computer can easily understand it as building a coded website.

Anyone can learn the basics of Photoshop, from how to remove stains to how to add building


The Image is Usually Rotated by Swiping, Swiping, Twisting, or Resizing.

Click Edit> and Convert> and select the specified action.

If you want to make your life easier, here are a few shortcuts:
A binding box will appear on the image when you press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. Because of this, it is now possible to resize your photos. to use the cursor, hold down the Shift key while selecting a rectangular angle. When you have finished pressing Enter, it will complete the process.

Rotating the image between vertical and horizontal is usually done by pressing Ctrl + T and right-clicking. The image will appear as a pop-up window with many rotation options and scroll through it. Select the action you would like, and when you are done, press Enter.

If you would like to blur or distort the image, press the Ctrl + T button and click on the corner of the image you would like to capture. If you want to damage the image, place your cursor in the corner you want to morph and drag it down to the desired position. To activate, press Enter.

Planning For New Layers Should Always Be Non-Destructive

If you are used to working in the Lightroom, you have already set aside some time to do non-destructive planning. The adjustment layers you use in Lightroom do not change the images themselves. Editing exists as a separate file, so you will always return to the original photo without any damage done.

As long as the workspace and file are properly configured, Photoshop will work as well. Once you have opened the image, it will appear due to the background layer. To keep the image still and unchanged, create an image by selecting Layout> New> Background from Background.

You will see the same copy of your background from the top of the background. Now you will plan to copy your background as high as you would like, but still, have the first version to return to as needed.

Correction Layers

A truly stunning picture often has more than just receiving attention. Remedial Layers play an important role in solving this problem. The Adjustment Layers tool lets you adjust the color and texture of your image by adding a layer to the top of it. The simple part about this feature is to add that extra layer, you will completely change your changes while keeping the rest of your image complete. you will find Fixing Layers at the bottom of the Layers Panel rock (black and white circle icon).

Dodge Tool

The Dodge tool illuminates pixels wherever you use it. So, in other words, it’s a good Photoshop tool to try to get rid of “tired eyes”.

Set the Dodge Tool on a soft brush, go to the Range setting within the drop-down menu bar and select the highlight, set the exposure to about 20%. Then gently brush the area of ​​attention. Remember not to overdo it, or your model will start to look like a stranger.

a few simple strokes should do the job.

How to Create a Rainy Texture

Falling raindrops thank you very much for adding drama to your image, but sometimes nature does not accept it as true with your plans. Make it rain by creating a flexible layer of dark, add sound, then apply Motion Blur, and finally set a layer on the Screen! Enter something different, and get a quick shower.
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