Recently during the worldwide lockdown, the Gaming Industry has seen explosive growth. As more and more people were searching for something to pass the time while getting bored inside the confinement of four walls of their houses, many decided to play engaging games for fun. Many of them allow them to play with their friends and accomplices, thus making it a social activity.

Every human loves to be in the company of people they adore, gaming as an activity, is something which people can do together with our friends is nice. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, not everything that glitters is gold as well. Even though they are fun and everything is nice, games have their fair share of errors and problems. Another Error users faced was with the Logitech Gaming Software. The Logitech Gaming Software allows you to modify your gaming experience to its best. If you have any software or hardware issues with your device, visit us over here. We have listed the four best ways to fix the Logitech Gaming Software Not Opening Error. Apart from this, our website features tons of gadget-related how-to guides and tutorials. This error can erupt your gaming experience so you must use these four quick ways for an instant fix to your problem.

Some common errors of gaming are as follows:

Freezing, Hanging or Crashing

Being highly into games for the past few years, even I can vouch that games hanging or crashing is by far one of the most annoying issues ever. One moment you are about to clutch up a 1v5 fight when all of a sudden your game decides to crash, and by the time you get back into the match, you have already lost the round.

Freezing or Hanging works similarly where your game suddenly decides to freeze all of a sudden, and your game avatar stays right in the spawn point gazing into the field as your team gets destroyed. Even you, who has been a vet for years, get killed by the most amateurish player on the opponent as you can’t do anything even though you keep furiously punching the buttons.

Graphics Glitch

The glitches produced are another very annoying issue where the game displays an item or an avatar as something it’s not meant to look like. This can be a huge hindrance in important matches as you intend to do something else but end up doing something different.

In certain FPS (First Person Shooter) games, the gun in your avatar’s hands gets distorted, thus becoming a distraction and sometimes even blocking your view. This creates a blind spot for enemies to attack from or even glitches where the map doesn’t load in totally and appears distorted. The avatar can walk through walls but doesn’t go through a simple door as what appears isn’t there because of the distortion.

Extreme Online Lag

Extreme online lag refers to where your game avatar does the actions you command to do a little later. An online lag causes the game to be delayed a few seconds or even a few minutes in a few cases when your ping is high. It usually happens since the server reaction is delayed.

Another issue that users have experienced more than they would have wanted was that they could have sworn that they shot both the enemies on their right but ended up getting killed by one of them a few seconds later. That annoying instance happened because of a lag.

High Network Ping

Ping is a value in milliseconds that indicates how long it takes for your actions to reach the game server and back to the device you are using to play the game. In very fast-paced FPS games, high ping can be extremely annoying as they require almost instantaneous action without any delay. And as expected, a higher ping results in delayed inputs.

Screen Tearing

Screen Tearing is a special case of visual artifacts issue. It refers to the problem where multiple frames from a game are shown all together in one moment split into two or more parts that don’t align correctly. The technical reason why this problem happens is that the video card sends a new frame to the monitor before it has finished showing the previous frame, thus having a slow refresh rate.


How to fix games hanging, freezing, or crashing

  • A user can often use a quick troubleshoot route that the game developers provide inside the game itself.
  • If you don’t require as high graphics as you are using currently, drop the graphics settings to a low so they’re not using as much RAM or CPU power.
  • Users must always make sure they have some free disk space in the disk in which the game is installed.
  • If all of these methods don’t work, check your hardware and find out that all of your hardware clear the hardware criteria required to play that specific game. You need to run that game if you don’t know the minimal hardware (or even software). You can always search Google for some answers.

How to fix Graphics Glitch

  • If the issue occurs because of physical dust or dirt, clean up your PC if you haven’t done it in a long time.
  • If the problem occurs due to overheating, you can set up a coolant system inside your PC or even set up a fan to keep your PC cool and reduce overheating. And if you don’t necessarily need to play for long hours, you can always take a long break to give your PC or mobile rest and allow it to cool down.
  • Finally, you can stress test your GPU by stressing it out by playing for long hours after you try all the other methods, and if you still see visual strangeness, then it’s time for a GPU change since it’s most probably failing.

How to fix extreme online lag

  • You should first check to reduce online lag by ensuring a strong and fast internet connection. Preferably a nice Ethernet connection works pretty well.
  • Stop all downloads while you play the game.
  • Make sure you have configured your router for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Consider using a powerline adapter if going wired with Ethernet isn’t an option.
  • Also, if the game you are playing uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) setup like some Call of Duty games, the bad connection of some other player in your team can affect your experience.
  • If you are suffering from input lag, you should turn off VSync, a common PC game graphic setting but remember that it does not appear in all games.

How to fix high network ping

  • Make sure there are not many apps running in the background while you play the game.
  • If you are playing a mobile game, apps like by Cloudflare Inc. can be a lifesaver.

How to fix Screen Tearing

  • Most games include a feature called VSync (visual synchronization). Just enable VSync from the game’s graphic settings, and you will be good to go. But beware, as enabling VSync can result in your game becoming choppy.

  • Another way around using VSync is by using GSync or FreeSync, which varies depending on your drivers.

  • Well, now you know why your game was behaving the way it did. Keep in mind no matter what, it is always better to make sure that your PC is running at the optimal safe settings that it can handle.

  • Also, we have just covered some general problems and their fixes here. Games consist of complex software components, so if you ever come across some problem that you cannot find any fix of, it’s better to contact the game devs directly since they are the ones who created it, and they’ll know exactly what to do.
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