10 Book Series You Might Enjoy if You Liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid

If you're a fan of the hilarious and relatable Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney, you may be looking for more books that offer a similar blend of humor, heart, and relatable characters. Fortunately, there are many other middle-grade book series that explore the struggles of growing up in a fun and engaging way. From the awkwardness of middle school to the challenges of making friends and discovering who you are, these books use a mix of text and illustrations to bring their stories to life and capture the ups and downs of adolescence. Whether you're looking for a new series to dive into or just want to explore more books in the same vein as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Dork Diaries

The Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renee Russell follows the hilarious and often embarrassing adventures of Nikki Maxwell, a middle school student who is just trying to survive the ups and downs of adolescence. Through her diary entries, Nikki shares her struggles to fit in with the popular crowd, deal with mean girls, and navigate the ups and downs of friendships and crushes. With relatable characters and laugh-out-loud humor, the Dork Diaries series is a favorite among pre-teens and teens. Join Nikki on her journey to self-discovery and see if she can overcome the challenges of middle school!

Big Nate

The Big Nate series by Lincoln Peirce follows the adventures of Nate Wright, a sixth-grade student who is known for his mischievous behavior and love of comic books. Through his daily comics and diary entries, Nate shares his struggles to fit in at school, deal with strict teachers, and navigate the challenges of growing up. With hilarious illustrations and relatable storytelling, the Big Nate series is a fun and engaging read for kids and adults alike. Join Nate on his journey and see if he can become the ultimate prankster while still managing to pass sixth grade!

Middle School

The Middle School series by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts follows the trials and tribulations of Rafe Khatchadorian, a sixth-grader who is struggling to navigate the complexities of middle school life. Through his journal entries and drawings, Rafe shares his experiences dealing with bullies, making new friends, and trying to keep his artistic talents alive in a school that values sports over the arts. With relatable characters and an engaging storyline, the Middle School series is a favorite among pre-teens and teens. Join Rafe on his journey through middle school and see if he can survive the year!

Tom Gates

The Tom Gates series by Liz Pichon follows the adventures of Tom Gates, a fifth-grader who loves rock music, doodling, and avoiding homework. Through his diary entries and illustrations, Tom shares his struggles to stay out of trouble, impress his crush, and survive school. With relatable characters and hilarious storytelling, the Tom Gates series is a favorite among pre-teens and teens. Join Tom on his journey and see if he can make it through the school year without getting into too much trouble!

Ellie McDoodle

The Ellie McDoodle series by Ruth McNally Barshaw follows the artistic adventures of Ellie, a fifth-grader who loves to draw and journal about her life. Through her sketches and journal entries, Ellie shares her experiences moving to a new school, dealing with mean girls, and finding her place in the world. With relatable characters and creative storytelling, the Ellie McDoodle series is a fun and inspiring read for kids who love art and writing. Join Ellie on her journey of self-discovery and see how she uses her creativity to overcome challenges and make new friends.

Timmy Failure

The Timmy Failure series by Stephan Pastis follows the hilarious adventures of Timmy, a clueless detective who runs his own agency, Total Failure Inc. Through his case files and notes, Timmy shares his experiences solving mysteries, dealing with his polar bear sidekick, and navigating the ups and downs of life as a sixth-grader. With witty humor and clever storytelling, the Timmy Failure series is a fun and engaging read for kids and adults alike. Join Timmy on his ridiculous investigations and see if he can crack the case before it's too late!

My Life as a...

The My Life as a... series by Janet Tashjian follows the hilarious and relatable misadventures of Derek, a middle schooler who dreams of becoming a cartoonist. Through his journal entries and illustrations, Derek shares his experiences dealing with bullies, navigating crushes, and finding his place in the world. Each book in the series focuses on a different aspect of Derek's life, such as My Life as a Book, My Life as a Stuntboy, and My Life as a Cartoonist. With engaging characters and witty humor, the My Life as a... series is a must-read for pre-teens and teens.

Charlie Joe Jackson

The Charlie Joe Jackson series by Tommy Greenwald follows the adventures of Charlie Joe, a middle schooler who hates reading but loves coming up with creative schemes to avoid it. Through his humorous and relatable stories, Charlie Joe shares his experiences dealing with homework, school projects, and bullies, all while trying to maintain his status as a non-reader. With engaging characters and a fun storytelling style, the Charlie Joe Jackson series is a must-read for kids who struggle with reading and for those who just love a good laugh. Join Charlie Joe on his misadventures and see how he navigates middle school in his own unique way.

Stick Dog

The Stick Dog series by Tom Watson follows the hilarious and heartwarming adventures of Stick Dog and his friends, a group of stray dogs on a mission to find the perfect meal. Through Stick Dog's journal entries and illustrations, readers follow the gang as they navigate the streets, avoid capture, and encounter a cast of wacky characters along the way. With its fun storytelling style and lovable characters, the Stick Dog series is a must-read for dog lovers of all ages. Join Stick Dog and his crew on their epic culinary journey and see what delicious discoveries they make.

Origami Yoda

The Origami Yoda series by Tom Angleberger follows the adventures of a group of middle schoolers as they navigate the ups and downs of life with the help of a wise origami finger puppet. Through a series of journal entries, readers follow the students as they share their experiences with Origami Yoda and debate whether he is a true force for good or just a clever hoax. With its blend of humor, mystery, and heartwarming moments, the Origami Yoda series is a must-read for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other humorous middle-grade novels. Join the gang as they unravel the mysteries of the force and discover the power of friendship.


If you enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you should definitely check out these other book series. They offer a similar blend of humor, heart, and relatable characters that will resonate with young readers. Plus, they provide a great opportunity to explore different writing styles and storytelling techniques, while still enjoying the fun and lighthearted tone that makes Diary of a Wimpy Kid so beloved.

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