5 Best Books For Job Seekers

List of Books For Job Seekers

Job seekers are often stuck in a rut, filling out applications and not getting the response they had hoped for – or an interview. It’s a vicious cycle, but if you’re a job seeker, it’s time to break away from the same old rut and start reading books in your downtime.

There have been other job seekers in your exact situation, and many have written books that can help you secure your dream job.

From resume specialists to human resource experts, the following books have been authored by some of the greatest minds in the job-seeker world, and they should be on your must-read list.

5 Books Every Job Seekers Must Read

books to read while doing job search

The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career

The Leap: Launching Your Full-Time Career
(By: Robert Dickie )
Robert Dickie published this book in 2015, and it deals with building a full-time career in a part-time world. Many people are stuck in their part-time positions, but this book teaches you how to become a freelancer, consultant or contract worker through:
  • In-demand skills
  • Branding
  • Education
It’s all about multiple income streams, and hey, you may find that a traditional job just isn’t as freeing as being a contractor or freelancer.

Getting from College to Career

Getting from College to Career
(By: Lindsey Pollak )
Not all job seekers have been in the 9 to 5 rut before. Many people are going from college or university to a career, but they get lost in transition. Lindsey Pollak, a career expert and spokesperson for LinkedIn, discussed how young job seekers can overcome many of the challenges that face them after college.
This is a book that you must read if you’ve just finished college or university and don’t know what to do next to jumpstart your career.

What Color is Your Parachute

What Color is Your Parachute
(By: Richard N. Bolles )
Penned by Richard N. Bolles, this book has sold over 10 million copies and is the absolute leader in terms of helping job seekers land employment in today’s job market. Updated annually, this book provides insight into the current job market and also:
  • Discusses how to get a fresh start in your career.
  • Special circumstances and how to overcome them.
  • Hints for job seekers to follow.

If you’re utterly lost with your job search, What Color is Your Parachute is the only book you need to read.

Resume Magic

Resume Magic
(By: Susan Britton Whitcomb )
You have the skills and the experience, and know you can excel in today’s job market. But all of this doesn’t matter if you don’t have a resume that stands out.

Authored by Susan Britton Whitcomb, this book has it all – and more – to help you master the art of resume writing.

Susan includes:
  • Guides
  • Tricks
  • Tips
  • Implementation guides
Everything is included in this book so that you can begin crafting a resume that will help you get noticed by an employer.

How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying

How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying
(By: Benjamin Bonetti )
Benjamin Bonetti, the author of this wonderful book, tackles stress head-on. A great book for every person to read, this book provides tips on how to reject stress, remain focused and face difficulty directly during your job search.

Everyone that is conducting a job search will be stressed; dealing with this stress is essential.

If there is one book that you should read during your job search, How to Stress Less would be it.

Hope you find this list useful for your job hunting. We wish you best luck and feel free to share your experience in comments during your job search.

Helen Evans , Marketing manager of JobTonic.in, has been in the career development field for 5 years. She likes to share interesting tips to help people find their dream job. Her goal is to share what she has learned about searching job. Dream job is closer than you imagine!

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