Top Ten On Demand Apps that have made Our Lives a Breeze

Top on demand apps that has eased our lives

It has been eight years since the taxi industry witnessed a phenomenal technology being introduced. This technology rocked the taxi industry like never before. Taxi owners realized there was a new way of working.

Drivers saw it as a smart way of making money and clients registered that there was a new and quicker way of searching for and booking a taxi and tracking it too, to know its exact location in real time. The era of the Uber revolution had begun.

This technology became so popular that entrepreneurs in the service industry realized that if this technology can be used to deliver taxis, why not other services? That is when developers and entrepreneurs alike started to study how Uber worked and looked to replicating its technology with a view to making the delivery of services more efficient and smarter.

On Demand Apps that are Gaining Popularity

Today the bulk of the service industry has adopted this smart way of working and delivering services. Let us look at the top ten on demand apps that have made our lives easier and are helping save money in the long run.


This is where it all begun and that is why it gets pole position in this article. The new and smart way of searching for a ride, checking out the driver, booking your ride and eventually tracking it as it makes its way to the pickup point was a concept that the mass embraced with open arms. 

People liked the idea that they could get a ride whenever they wanted at the drop of a hat, or rather a tap on the app. No more waiting on the road in rain and snow trying to thumb a taxi.


The world has a mission to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and what better way than to do it by trying and cutting down the number of vehicles on the road. Commuters realized it was a new way of commuting, a social platform and was definitely cheaper than driving your own car every day to and from work. 

This app has worked wonders on the stress levels of workers as they no longer have to queue for hours in the congestion, thanks to high occupancy lanes that most countries have introduced in a bid to promote carpooling.


We have a new way of commuting to and from work, saving us time. However, that time can be further saved thanks to the food delivery app. Now, professionals and mothers do not have to worry about getting home in time to put food on the table. 

Whatever you fancy tonight can be delivered within minutes to your doorstep for a large selection of restaurants. Mothers and family are happy. The family gets a hot meal and the mother gets to put her feet up and spend time with her family. 

This app has also made a bachelor’s life easy. All he needs to do is tap on the app and order his meal and hey presto, it will be delivered in minutes.


Department stores are popular worldwide because they offer you everything from lingerie to the bare minimum cleaning products. That is why stores like Harrods, Le Bon Marche, Selfridges, Barneys, and Isetan’s are everyone’s favorites’ as you get everything you need under one roof, saving you shopping time and money looking for stuff that you require for your house.

The same applies to the on demand service apps. The only difference is that it offers you services rather than goods. Whether it is a florist you want or a plumber, chef, beautician, a taxi, or any other service, can be requested using this app.


To get to know what is happening in the world, you either had to read the newspapers or watch TV or listen to the radio, for which we have no time these days. Well, worry not. We now have news on demand, thanks to Twitter.

This app gives a live feed of all the news as and when it is happening. Now you do not even need to wait for the newspaper. Thanks to smart technology you get live news updates.


A chore that we all have but hate to do, laundry. Nowadays the on-demand laundry app has become a necessity for every household as more and more people prefer to get their laundry done professionally as they have no time, thanks to their busy professional lives.


Your car has been mud splattered and you have no time to clean it. Worry not, get it cleaned whilst you are at work or doing your shopping or book a slot and get it cleaned at your convenience. As easy as that.


We all love a clean and fragrant home but have to time to keep it spick and span at all times. That is why you need a home cleaning app whereby you can request a cleaning service to come and do the necessary at a time you want it done, most probably whilst you are away so that you come to a clean and fresh home every day.


Don’t panic if you have a medical emergency in the middle of the night, or even in the middle of nowhere, the doctor on demand app has been designed such that you get medical attention as soon as you require it. This app not only helps saves lives but also saves you running and waiting at the nearest Casualty department and waiting to be seen.


There is nothing more worrying than deciding where to leave your pet whilst you go on a business trip or a holiday. Thanks to dog sitting apps, you can now leave your pets in the hands of the professionals without feeling guilty and get on with what you need to do.

These apps along with many others have become so successful that many service industries are investing in them for their business. They get them directly from the developers or other entrepreneurs who are in the business of selling these ready-made apps.

Whichever category you fall in, if you are looking for an app like the ones listed above, all you need to do is contact trusted company where you will get the solution for any app that you require.

All you need to do is tell them your requirement and they will develop it for you. Not to forget that they will provide you support for any hiccups at all times.

Lata Motvani, works as Digital influencer at V3cube.com. She is used to write on various technology, mobile apps, uber app clone script and so on.

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