10 Best Online Tools for Writers

List of Best Online Tools for Writers

Today’s writers should have it easy, right? They have unlimited access to all information they need. It’s easy to find inspiration and start writing right away, right? In fact, it’s not that easy. With all that information you process on a daily basis, it’s easy for your mind to get blocked.

Technology is a double-ended sword. If you use social media too much, it will distract you from the writing process. If you don’t use it at all, however, you’ll be isolated from your audience.

Every writer needs to find a balance. We all need online tools that will help us stay focused, yet informed. Luckily, those tools are right within our reach. These are only 10 of the many technology wonders you can rely on:


Let’s start with the basics, shall we? As any other writer, you must be struggling with distractions. Writing on a laptop is great, but it’s also trouble when that laptop gives you access to Facebook and other social media. The usual word processors, such as MS Word and Google Docs, are suffocated with distracting icons that take your attention away from the text. WriteRoom solves that problem.

It’s an app for Mac OS, which launches you in a fullscreen, distraction-free writing environment. There are no elements to take your attention away, so you won’t even think about tweeting during writing sessions. The page and your words will consume your entire attention.

Google Docs

Didn’t we just say that Google Docs was distracting? It can be. However, it’s also one of the best collaborative tools for writing. Why would a writer need collaboration? Well, let’s say you want to monitor the editing process. You want the editor to improve your work, but you don’t want them to affect your voice and ideas.

Google Docs is great for that purpose. Just share the document with the editor, and you’ll see real-time updates. Both of you can write comments and discuss the changes. The collaboration between a writer and their editor has never been easier.


This mind-mapping software will help you develop a logical outline for your book. It’s important to incorporate all good ideas into your story, but you want them to make sense. That’s why mind-mapping is an essential part of writing. Even Dostoevsky did it.

FreeMind is a downloadable program, but that’s a good thing. You can turn off your Internet connection and use it without distractions. Wherever your imagination takes you, FreeMind will be there to map the journey.


Isolation is part of your writing routine, but sometimes you just need to connect. Protagonize is the only network that won’t distract you from your work. It’s a community of writers. You can ask for tips and share your own wisdom. You can join groups or create new ones, and you can become part of productive discussions. The best part is that you can promote yourself as an author and ask for criticism on your work. The feedback from fellow writers will help you grow. Of course, you’ll return the favor by exploring and critiquing the work of other authors.

iA Writer

This is another tool for distraction-free writing, similar to WriteRoom. However, it’s suitable for MacOS, iOS, and Android so you can use it on any device. It’s a plain text editor with light gray background and monospaced font.

If you enter Focus Mode, the tool will dim everything but the current sentence you’re working on. That’s a highly recommended feature. It makes you a faster writer because it fights your urge to go back into the text and edit as you write. In Focus Mode, you’ll have no other choice but to keep writing. You’ll edit later.


What happens when you’re blocked and a distraction-free writing app doesn’t help? What if you’re not ready to share your struggles with the Protagonize community? There’s always a solution. At EssayGeeks.co.uk, you can collaborate with a writer in private. You’ll choose a writer from a relevant field of study, who has access to an immense library of academic resources.

It doesn’t matter whether your fiction has elements of chemistry, astronomy, history, or sociology; you can always find an expert on EssayGeeks and get helpful information for your story. They will help you fix the logical gaps and speed up the process of writing. In addition, you can hire a professional editor at this website.


Sigil is the only eBook editor you need. There’s no need to write your book in your usual text editor and hire someone to turn it into an eBook. You can use Sigil to check imported documents according to the EPUB standard and fix all formatting issues before you publish your book in electronic format.

The tool is supported by plugins developed by third parties so you can keep exploring the potential of Sigil when you get used to it.

The Story Starter

Are you up for a challenge? This idea generating tool will give you a starter for a fun exercise, which can turn into an actual book. A single click will give you a random sentence, which you should use as the beginning of your story. The sentence may be silly, funny, insightful, or completely pointless. Don’t give up! Make an effort to develop it and you’ll surprise by your own creative potential.

Here’s the starter we got: “The kind jewel thief cut the grass near the spaceship during the lightning to answer the challenge.” Whoa; that’s a lot of ideas in a single sentence. You can publish the stories from these prompts on Protagonize and invite other authors to play along.


Sometimes you just miss the old-fashioned scratch book? You want to get colored pencils and set your mind and hand free? But, you still like technology? Try GoodNotes - an app that works on the principle of digital ink. It’s just like using paper and pencils, but much cooler.

You can take handwritten notes, markup PDF files, organize ideas, sketch diagrams, and do whatever else you like. It’s just blank space waiting for your creativity.

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes you wish you could hire a typist who could follow your thoughts with the speed of light? That’s not necessary; you can have Dragon Dictation for a much more affordable price. All you need to do is start dictating, and the tool will transcribe your words for you. It’s software, so it’s not flawless. However, it can make you a much faster writer if you use it carefully.

You can use it for taking notes, creating spreadsheets, writing emails, or even writing stories and books. You won’t need to fight the urge to walk around the room; you can work at the same time.

The right writing tool can really save you time and nerves. You don’t have to use many tools in your practice. Pick only the ones that will make you more productive, and give them a chance. You’ll be surprised with the results!

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.

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