Major Tools For Effective Content Creation


Be it a large enterprise or a small business, content marketing is the norm of today and you should utilize it to your advantage. Content marketing will be successful only through the creation of a quality, relevant, and consistent content for the targeted audience without any gaps in-between. This states the significance of content creation and how much it influences the marketing of products and services for a small as well as a large organization.

One of the ideal ways to begin exploring and derive benefit from everything that content has to provide is to gain knowledge of the major tools and apps. Explore the major apps and tools for content marketing and analyze which tool or app suits your business perfectly. Now, let’s dig deeper into the major content creation applications as well as tools that make your content creation more easier and effective.

Scribe Content

This is a very tool for every marketer and writer. It analyzes the preferences of a reader and lets you know whether the content is optimized for sharing or not. So, how is this done? Scribe content tool gathers the conversations from Google+ and Twitter regarding the term that the reader introduces. Then, it also directs the users towards content creation that the search engines will rank it much better. So, in the end, the result will a more effective and an easier marketing campaign.


PRWeb is a tool that is used for sending press releases that are optimized for search engines. This tool helps you in letting the people know that you exist. The articles will get promoted with the help of these press releases to anyone(journalists, visitors to the website, subscribers etc.) who are interested in that particular topic.


Zmags specializes in creating digital materials meant for capturing the attention of your audiences and acquire more and more views. Zmags website has several products in its store that helps the writers generate and publish content.

Headline Analyzer

The first part of your article that your reader sees is its headline. He/she then decides whether to continue reading the article or not. This states the importance of the article headline. Your article headline should be catchy, eye-grabbing, short, and relevant to the content. Headline Analyzer, created by CoSchedule, is the online tool utilized for boosting your headline.

It has many features embedded in it such as displaying the type of words contained in the title(powerful, emotional, uncommon, common), type of headline(keep on trying if you get “generic”), length of the headline etc. Also, it provides an email subject line preview and Google search preview.


Glipho enables writers to publish their content and the readers from all over the world can approach the writers with ideas for the sequel. This is a perfect method to let you know what your readers what to read about. You can start by publishing an article containing the first half part of the content and wait for their reaction. Then, you can choose the best possible idea, and finish and publish the next part.


When it comes to structuring and organizing a future article, really is an amazing tool. You can utilize this platform for creating infographics, charts, diagrams, and so on. The “drag and drop” is the principle on which this platform works.


Let’s consider that the topic for your next article is ready. So, what is the next immediate step? It could be what to include in the article and how to write it. InboundWriter can be an ideal solution for this. This tool enables you to observe certain topics and locate the areas where improvements are necessary for providing a better reading experience for your readers.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app is created for guiding the writers in creating an easy to understand texts and phrases, which is the major requirement for the creation of online content. This app is very easy to use - just copy and paste the text and observe the evaluation. An article must be presented in such a way that the online readers will grasp its meaning soon after reading it. This tool will make your more readable and make it more easy to read. It also spots the passive voice in an article which should be avoided.


Proofreading is not an easy task and it takes some energy and time. Many people express their opinion that it would be better to begin writing the next article instead of editing the already finished article. So, let’s imagine the pain involved in editing an article for grammar and spellings.

You require some professional editors for verifying and enhancing the content. Papersgear helps you in publishing nothing less than a perfect article with no grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, you can count on this tool if you require help with writing something.


Planning on creating content and keeping track of it is not an easy task. Your entire workflow and system will be compromised even if you make a single mistake. Evernote is a free-to-use and an accessible content creation tool built around the streamlined content creation and ap sync. Irrespective of where you are present, you can create exciting and relevant content.

The connected devices can get synced with everything and it enables you to work anywhere, anytime, for any number of hours you want. If you are looking for a refreshing and a new way of content creation, you can give this tool a try.


Canva enables the content creators and marketers to express their thoughts through the creation of miraculous online and social media content via pre-created layouts. It provides not only the freedom to export as well as create content but also interact with other content creators to exchange ideas and stay in touch. The kind of content created with the help of canva will be useful for your conversion rates and ultimately, for your business.


The tools and applications listed above will open exciting and new content creation venues along with making it relevant. You should always remember that you must create content in such a way that it appeals to the audience and market needs, and these tools will provide you with the perfect path to do it.

Savaram Ravindra was born and raised in Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘City of Pearls’. He is presently working as a Content Contributor at Tekslate.com. His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. He can be contacted at savaramravindra4@gmail.com. Connect with him also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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