Facing Computer And Cyber Security Threats

Facing Computer And Cyber Security Threats

Who is a victim of a cybersecurity threat? Cybersecurity crimes are not confined to hacking, financial, personal and work-related data theft. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and malware, are amongst the cybersecurity threats that can impact our computers and our personal lives.

In 2006 the Consumer Reports found that U.S. consumers would expend $7.8 billion in the last two years for computer repairs, parts and replacements because of numerous attacks by malware and viruses. Everyone is concerned with cyber attacks. Businesses big and small are expressing concerns about the increasing ability of security threats to penetrate their data. Businesses are adopting the necessary steps to protect their customer’s financial data.

The government may also be exposed to cybersecurity threats. Granting public access may also increase the risks of data leaks infiltration and cyber attacks. Hence it's necessary to invest and have intensive and long-term answers that would address cyber attacks.

Government agencies are developing new techniques that could help in handling cyber attacks. Here are some measures that the government has taken thus far.

  • There are various kinds of agencies and institutions committed to fighting cyber attacks. InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and different members of the private sector including businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement offices and individuals. These 30,000 major organizations are committed to sharing different forms of data and intelligence to address criminal and violent acts.
  • The government and various organizations are reaching out to more CEOs of various businesses to help them realize cyber threats and what is needed to be done. This would help the government to develop the resources and policies that would help them establish long-term prevention plans.
  • Aside from local and national partnerships, international partnerships are likewise being formed. Cybersecurity isn't just an issue of one country; it is a global issue. Data and numbers of cyber security victims have no restrictions on geographical location and race. Cybersecurity issues can never be concluded by one nation alone. This would demand coordination among countries at regional and global levels.
  • Analyze and evaluate the loopholes and exposures. Agencies and institutions who have major cybersecurity troubles, normally have networks and users spread out in different locations. Averting any cybersecurity troubles and threats would be about discovering these vulnerabilities and overcoming them.

  • When searching for solutions, you'd have to stick to the basics. Technology is a dynamic process; it's about continuous change and improvement. The only way to be sure that your infrastructure and your system is secure is by being prepared for it.

Cybersecurity threats don't stay the same over a period. It evolves. It changes and could go around the various security barriers installed to face its attacks.

How many times have we heard that the best remedy is prevention? We ought to be thinking about that. Too much trust and placing too much of our lives on computers has a peril that we should be able to address and face. We should be prepared in addressing cybersecurity issues from case to case and in every instant.
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