IT Professions Of The Future: Be a Part of It

IT Professions of the Future: Be a Part of It

Prepare yourself for the IT professionals of the future that will pay off in a lucrative career.

There is no need to wait for the future to arrive, because, the future is already here. Demand in It professionals in only on the rise, it’s inexcusable to sit and wait for everything to change. One thing to do today is to prepare yourself for a lucrative career of tomorrow. Whereas the best thing you can do now is to become a part of the IT professions of the future. Do you know that the two-thirds of today’s kindergarten students will have positions that don’t currently exist?

Since the world is experiencing changes in almost all industries, technology is no exception. The sad truth is, that it may be next to impossible to predict the changes. Many of today’s positions will undergo changes without a shadow of a doubt. Still, they’ll continue to be part of the future. Some of them will reshape into something entirely new, while others will disappear. This way, system and server administrators are becoming less and less relevant in today’s workplace. Smaller businesses tend to outsource the work. Instead, they hire people that are able to adapt to the changes ahead. People who are ready to evaluate from service-and-support organization to business leader right off the bat. So, are you one of them?

So, what are the best IT professions for the future? It depends. We live in a dynamic world where new hugely automated roles appear daily. And that means that IT jobs are in high demand, but some are more significant than others. Onto the good news: all of them can unlock your career’s full potential. By preparing for one of the IT professions below, chances are that you can structure your career so the job will still be in demand in several years. Explore the IT professions list below to break down the barriers that stand between you and your career goals. Now, which one is calling your name?

IT Professions and Salaries In The United States

Software Developer

Face it, no matter how smart is your device, without a soft developer it’s useless. These people can give life to the complex hardware it runs on. The more people get connected to smart devices, the higher is the demand in software developers. Knowledge in a variety of computer languages is imperative. At this point, if you have a bachelor’s degree, are creative and up to the challenge, you can earn up to $94K annually. If you feel comfortable to work in teams with other engineers and administrators, the job of a software developer is your fit. In fact, this field is expected to grow at 22 percent with 222,600 new jobs by the year 2022. So, it can be beneficial for you.

Mobile Application Developer

How does the option to get the median yearly pay of $100,080 sound to you? For the record, mobile application developers are among the most in-demand professions in IT. Focused on developing software or systems for mobile devices, the profession of a mobile app developer will be on the rise in 2020 and beyond. Thus, with a bachelor's degree in software engineering or mobile application development, chances are you fit the bill.

Great, it's your chance to get started. In fact, your professional resume can beat the heck out of all 1.2 million applicants expected to apply for a mobile developer position between 2016 and 2026. The trick is to find the right Information Technology resume idea to get started.

Information Security Analyst

Cyber attacks have become common in our day-life, unfortunately. How to make sure that your business is not vulnerable? One thing to do is to hire information security analysts. Information is valuable more than ever before. If you keep up to date with the latest tactics of hackers, then a position of an information security analyst is your safe bet. To have success in this position, it’s important to plan and implement security measures, create and institute proper cybersecurity policies, protect computer systems, networks, and data.

Marc Cenedella, CEO and founder of Ladders says, that ‘security engineer jobs meant to be the first line of defense to safeguard lucrative products and services’. Besides, from 2016 to 2026, about 104,000 job positions are expected to open up with up to $81K yearly. Do you have the courage to hop on this opportunity? You can't sit and wait. Create your resume that land you an interview.

Web Developer

It’s safe to say that web developers are among in-demand by employers in terms of open job postings. Responsible for the look and functionality of company websites, intranets, and applications, web developers make an average $76 yearly. Knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML, Phyton, Java, JavaScript, or CSS is key to the web developer job. What’s more, it’s essential to be familiar with server-side programming languages. The best thing is that you’re able to get into this career with just an associate’s degree. By the year 2022, around 28,500 new job postings will wait for viable candidates. Your tailored resume can help you jump ahead of the competition.

Cloud Solutions Engineer

With the world becoming more cloud-based, job postings that include the term ‘cloud’ have gone up 27 percent since 2015. Today, companies move forward to a cloud-first approach and looking for talented specialists in this field. Cloud solution engineers define cloud structure and work with business analytics to make sure it is in line with the business requirements. Certifications can be a huge benefit to a bachelor degree in computer science, in fact. Also, a deep understanding of the value IoT data can provide to drive efficiencies can be a huge benefit. Have a master degree? Congrats, get ready to make up to $120, 067 annually.

AI / Machine Learning Engineer

With the world becoming more cloud-based, job postings that include the term ‘cloud’ have gone up 27 percent since 2015. Today, companies move forward to a cloud-first approach when upgrading or designing new environments. Cloud solution engineers or architects define cloud structure and work with business, analytics to make sure it is in line with the business requirements. Certifications can be a huge benefit to a bachelor degree in computer science. Sometimes a master degree is a key to earning $120, 067 annually. Also, a deep understanding of the value IoT data can provide to drive efficiencies can be a huge benefit.

DevOps Engineer

Often called ‘jack of all trades’ in regards to databases and information systems, DevOps workflow grows more popular. The fact is true, especially among organizations. No need to wait, the number of DevOps job postings rose from less 1 percent in 2012 to more than 24 percent in 2017. As a result, in 2018 DevOps engineers were among the top tech jobs in America, according to Glassdoor. Want to make up to $116 annually? Then prove your deep knowledge of current technology and trends. Showcase the experience in database architecture and maintenance, web and software development, cloud storage and information security. In case you can boast a strong communication skill then chances are your salary can rise. In the future, DevOps may be found under different titles but the skillsets will continue to be in demand.

Data Scientist

Imagine, since 2013, data science postings have rocked 256 percent. That’s huge. And for a good reason. They take raw data and use programming, visualization, and statistical modeling to extract insights. Are you influent in one or more programming languages? Take this for a spin, Python and R are favorites among data scientists. So, if you’re ready to collect the data, spot designs, analyze trends and forecast future probabilities, head on to the data scientist job. With the average salary of about $118K data scientists are expected to remain in high demand in 2019. Ready to be a part of this team?

Computer Network Architect

Looking for ways how to become a successful network architect? A bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in computer science are enough. IT certifications in this field could be a huge boost. With the focus on designing computer networks, an architect creates models to predict future network needs. Besides, he/she is involved in the analysis of business requirements, project planning, budgeting. Well, diplomacy and consultancy skills are the keys to a thriving career of the network architect. Picture this: around 20,900 new job postings are expected to be open in this career by the year 2022. Ready to kick your career as a network architect with an average salary up to $137K/yr? So, ignore this one of the highest paid positions is at your peril.

Scrum Master

Why might you consider seeking qualification as a scrum master? Since it became one of LinkedIn’s hottest jobs in 2017, scrum masters are highly in demand. Responsible for keeping the team motivated, they deal with any issues that arise in order to keep everyone on track. In a nutshell, working with one of a host of agile working methodologies that focuses on a quality end product, the scrum master delivers high-value projects by approaching problems adaptively. A certified scrum master makes an average between $7K and $100K annually. Do you want to be the scrum master? The time is now.

Take Action

Are you a viable candidate for any of these IT professions above? Then, one thing to do is to let the cat out of the bag. If you discover out your joy in the IT industry, then it’s time to innovate. Remember that your profitable future goes hand in hand with demand for those in your profession. Seize the opportunity to create a picture-perfect resume that can help kick start your IT career from day one. All in all, practice makes anyone perfect.

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