3 Fun Games That All Babies Love Playing


In the early stage of your baby, you mostly gaze at her as she is asleep for most of the times. As she starts to grow up, you start playing with the kid. You find out new ways of introducing fun games for her and helping her spend a fun time at home. Before she grows interested in the outside world, you should try to introduce entertaining things to the baby. As the baby goes through a variety of experiences, they start learning from the same. When they start playing at home, one of the important factors is to introduce one-on-one attention. You can also research online to get some wonderful idea of how to make the playing time interesting and fun-filled. You have to plan games depending on the age of your child.

Different games should be planned for the age group. With the help of these games, kids are able to develop methods of learning and get to know about the world around. Details of some fun games are detailed in the following part of the article.

Try To Show That You Are Impressed

If you are holding any item slightly above, your baby will try to reach it. She will swing her fist and try to grab it. As soon as they get it, they should be rewarded for the same. Also, you should show that you are impressed by her act. Try not to miss any scope of praising her. According to research, it can be said that the baby is elated by seeing you enthusiastic about her achievement in getting the item. Babies love being noticed by people. In addition, they are also fond of social cheering. In this way, babies' brain prepares for learning and relationship.

How Can Outdoor Adventures Be Fun For Your Baby?

Though going out might seem to be a lot of effort, never underestimate the rejuvenating effect that fresh air might have on your baby. As you step out of your house with your baby, you are more concerned about your baby and tend to forget the works left at home. This way you are able to spend quality time with the baby. When you are outside with your baby, pull him or her from the stroller and let your baby feel the nature. You can pull a leaf from the tree and let the baby feel it. Let him touch the tree trunk as he sees the leaf fall from the tree. 

Check whether the place around is clean or not. You can let your child sit on the grass and feel the atmosphere around. In this way, you can give your baby the feeling of the world around. They also get to know about the environment other than their home atmosphere. After you come back home, ask your baby to narrate the things that they have experienced outside. They will instantly start picking new words and try to connect them with their experience and frame a story.

Peekaboo 2.0

Have you ever tried covering your face and letting your hands go by suddenly reappearing? This enthusiastic game is called ‘Peekaboo.' It is sure to entertain your baby during her toddler years. Babies get happy by learning things that they are not able to see, but still, it exists. So, you can make the game more fun by reappearing with a hat or a funny face. In this way, you can cover the face of a blanket and ask your baby to search for the toy. If the game is new to you, try to look for the peek a boo meaning so that you can know the meaning of it and play with your baby. Babies who are crawlers find this hide and seek game an interesting one. When they see hidden item popping up unexpectedly, they might find the item from the bedroom or other rooms.

How Do The Games Help In The development of babies?

For any baby trainer, it is important to understand that repetition is important. There are some games that the baby may not like in the first chance. Also, the game may not work for the baby when you play it with them for the first time. So, you have to repeat the game with the baby so that they are able to grab its tricks well. Babies’ attention for the game will depend on their age, temperament, and mood. 

You have to understand the mood and continue playing the game. If the baby likes the game for more than 20 minutes, you can repeat it some other day. But try to introduce some fun-filled factor every 5 minutes as it will help you retain the attention of the baby in the game. If you notice the baby turning towards you and smiling, it indicates that the baby likes the game. In case, he squirms from you or looks away, you have to change the game or activity.

Wrapping it Up

Not every baby will like every game that you plan for them. So, try to make the game a fun-filled one so that the baby can have a great time playing. Apart from planning fun games for your kid, try to make the bathing time fun. Even if they are sitting in the tub, it can be fun for them. You have to plan activities depending on the age of the baby.
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