Educating is one of the most difficult tasks that parents face. And, although there are no magic formulas, there are some key issues that we have to handle with ease. It is never too late for begin to educate him. These are the basic rules to get your child to grow up happy:

1. One Example is Worth More Than a Thousand Sermons

From very young children tend to imitate all our behaviors, good and bad .

We can take advantage of everyday habits - such as saying hello, behaving at the table, respecting the rules of driving - so that they acquire correct habits and, little by little, take responsibility .

It is useless to always preach to him with the same story if his parents do not do what they ask of him.

2. Communication, Dialogue, Understanding ?

The words, the gestures, the looks and the expressions that we use help us to know ourselves better and express everything we feel. Therefore, even during pregnancy, you have to talk to the baby.

We must continue always with comunication. Talk to him a lot, without hurry, tell him stories and also let him be the one to tell them.

Have you tried asking a question that starts with "What do you think about ..."? This way we show him that we are interested in his opinion and he will feel loved and listened to.

3. Limits and Discipline, Without Threats

You have to teach him to separate feelings from action . The rules must be clear and coherent and be accompanied by logical explanations.

They have to know what happens if they do not do what we ask them to do. For example, keep in mind and clear the place after playing you need to collect your toys.

It is important that the child - and we too - understand that their feelings are not the problem, but the misbehaviors. And before them, you always have to set limits, because there are negotiable zones and others that are not. If he refuses to go to school, we have to recognize how annoying it is sometimes to get up early and tell him that we do too.

4. Let him Experiment Even if he's Wrong

The best way for children to explore the world is to allow them to experience things themselves . And if they are wrong, we have to be there to take care of them physically and emotionally, but with limits.

Overprotection sometimes protects parents from certain fears, but not our child. If every time you fall or give yourself a blow, however small, we are alarmed to help you, we will be encouraging you to the complaint and accustoming you to constant consolation. We have to let them take risks.

5. Do not Compare or Disqualify

You have to eliminate phrases like "learn from your brother", "when are you going to become as responsible as your cousin?"

It is not advisable to generalize and we must dispense with expressions such as "you are always hitting your sister" or "you never listen".

He does many things well that what i believe, although lately he is behaving like a real "junk". Each child is unique, not all act at the same pace and in the same way.

Some Phrases like "you can swim just like your brother, try it. You will see it. Encourage you to achieve your goals and transform your discomfort into a smile.

6. Share Our Experiences with Other Parents

It can be very useful for us. Thus, living a rebellious stage of our son, something very common at certain ages, can stop being a source of tremendous anguish and become, simply, a hard but passing phase. Phrases like "do not worry, my son did the same thing" can help us to relativize the "problems" and, therefore, make us feel better and act calmer.

If we are disoriented, worried or do not know how to act, we can always consult with a professional. We have nothing to lose.

7. We Must Recognize Our Mistakes

We have the right to make mistakes and that does not mean we are bad parents. The important thing is to recognize the errors and use them as a source of learning.

Phrase like "try to forgive love, or reinforce your behavior and always help us feel good.

8. Reinforce Good Things

It is proven that positive reinforcements gestures of affection, stimuli, rewards are more effective when it comes to educating than punishments. That is why we must always give him emotional support and let him be the one who, according to his capacity, solves the problems.

Children are very sensitive and the qualifiers such as "dumb" or "bad" hurt them a lot and can negatively affect their assessment of themselves.

We should be generous with everything that makes them feel valuable and loved. If we reward you with caresses, hugs or words like "handsome" or "ready", we are building a good self-esteem.

As important as rectifying your misbehavior is recognizing and reinforcing the good ones.

9. Do not Pretend to be Your friends

Although it is always advisable to foster a climate of closeness and trust, that does not mean that we should be your best friends .

While among children the treatment is equal, we, as parents and educators, are situated on a higher echelon. We always offer our protection, experience & care? but also our standards.

To seek his continuous approval for everything can be a double-edged sword , since friendship is also admiration and trust and it will be very difficult for him to trust us if we do not know how to impose ourselves.

A good father is not one who gives in a continuous way and does not teach.

10. They Also Have Emotions

Sometimes we think that only we feel upset and that children have to be happy all day. But they also have concerns.

Your emotional world is equal or more complex than ours, so it is important to give importance to your emotions and be aware of them. We must help our son put his name and surname to what he experiences and feels.

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