Six Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails

Six Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails

Writing an email to someone you know, let us say a friend, family member, or a colleague at work is easy. In this case, the recipient is expecting you, and therefore your style of writing does not matter. However, writing an email for marketing is something to worry about when you are not sure of the effectiveness of your writing. Luckily, we want to make it easy for you through our tricks for writing better marketing emails.

Nail Your Subject Line

Think about newspaper first pages, blogs, YouTube videos, among items and the way they sell themselves. Newspaper first-page headlines, video headings, and blog topics are usually catching. Your subject line also needs to be something on the same level. The idea is that at first sight, the recipient will feel compelled to open your marketing emails. A good email subject line should be actionable, personalized, clear, and aligned to email copy.

Be Relevant

As much as you have established relevancy in your subject line, you need to id it with your emails for marketing effectiveness. Relevancy, here, is achievable by personalizing your email copy. Using a name is not enough, in your marketing email, tell the reader how you know about them. Do this on the first lines of the email. An example is, “oh, your recent search just got restocked” or “your prescription is about to expire.” Reminding your reader about a service they might need can easily make them click the offer.

Use the Second Person

The second person is made of pronouns such as you, your, and yours. The idea is that you marketing email copies about your reader and not about yourself. Using the second person means that you will use less first persons, such as "we" and "I." Using the second person keeps you focused on the purpose of your email and allows you to make your point quite naturally.

Focus on The Benefits

If you know what your email is about and what the product can do, your recipient does not have any idea. Your job is to make sure that they understand the solutions the product could bring them. An example is that you might think to tell the reader about discounts matter and forget you are selling a product, not the discount.

Stay Brief

One of the reasons customers ignore email copies is their length. Always avoid long narratives in your email copies. Think of the reader of the email as yourself. How many times did the long texts prevent you from reading the copy to completion? Did you read every word or attended certain important phrases?

Brevity increases your click-through rates because very few individuals can read long email copies. This means you need to summarize your messages first by going straight to the point. If it is not possible, then you might need to stick a single call to action. A single call to action has more click through chances than multiple calls to action.

Up Your Call-to-Action Game

You can do this by using more actionable language. Foremost, ensure that the call to action is easy for the client to find. Remember that most people will scan through the email. In the case, you are using an HTML email, you might also need to include a button to redirect the customer to the relevant sales page.

By now, you know what it takes when writing email copies that convert. All you need is to pay attention to some or more of these practices and see yourself become the perfect sales and marketing person.

Lori Jones is a professional writer and a contributor to Studicus. Lori has a big experience working with CRM platforms, creating content strategies and launching websites for many renowned companies.
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