Proven Ways of Successfully Marketing and Promoting Your Book

Proven Ways of Successfully Marketing and Promoting Your Book

Writing is easy, but selling is a big problem. Given that in the past, most books existed and were sold in print, selling a book was not easy primarily self-published books. Luckily, platforms such as Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Smashwords started offering ebook sales. This rise in Indie publishing requires marketing and promotion to be done appropriately. 

Marketing anticipates and sparks a desire in the targeted consumer, whereas the book comes as a solution in the end. Here, you will find some of the determined ways of boosting your book marketing results with much focus on eBooks.

Use Preorders

Here, you list your book with the retailer even before it is done. This allows you to start marketing your book way before it is ready. You can use this to interact with your clients and even request preorders before they can see the book by whetting their appetite with the amazing details of the book.

Preorders may work better but are more effective with series books. Some websites like iBooks will rank your book highly given the preorders you managed. This will make your book more desirable and visible to customers.

Using Email Lists

Having a ready list of emails of people you know could be interested in your book is important. If you do not have one, you could create a private email list to give you direct access to your readers. The rule about email lists is that you should not add anyone to your list without their consent.

Once someone has subscribed to your list, you need to treat their inbox in the right way to keep them. There are tools for generating email lists you could use such as mailchimp.com.

Work on Your Email Signature

An email signature is a sign-off element of an email copy that you find yourself repeating at the end o your emails each day. If you have many people that you could be emailing every time, then you need to create a good email signature to handle that for you.

Information about creating an email signature is available in every search engine and should take less time to discover. The signature can carry a message about your new release or act as a reminder to what you do.

Add an Impressive Back Matter

If you are a good writer and your customers are convinced about that, then you need to ensure you have a back-matter. Writing a back matter allows the reader to connect with you even after reading your book. Ending with a full stop is short term.

A back matter with contacts, a list of books you have written, a mail list link, and social media pages, among others, can play the part of further interaction between you and your content. Readers can also refer other readers to you.

Using Giveaways

To date, even with an excellent financial condition, people still want free stuff, discounts, special offers that reduce the much they will spend on any product. Giveaways are frequent in book marketing and promotion, but the tactic never fades.

Free books generate more sales than the ones not engaged in free promotions. A case is that of Amazon Kindle, whereby, free eBooks improve your ranking on Kindle, making the book more visible, increases the chances of purchases.

Marketing and promoting book tips work perfectly when correctly applied. You need to be consistent and committed to how you do it to win that prospective client.

Lori Jones is a professional writer and a contributor to HotEssayService Lori has a big experience working with CRM platforms, creating content strategies and launching websites for many renowned companies.
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