The Role of Latest Technology in Digital Marketing

The Role of Latest Technology in Digital Marketing

We live in a age of technologies. Just have a look at your own lifestyle. Technology is the reason, you are always curious to know more about the updates. Technology is the thing that helps us start and end our days.

Whether it's your smart phone or your automatic car, everything has changed in our own lives.

Technology has empowered millions of inventions & influence on improving our lives and making us more effective or productive.

This blog is about the role of technology in marketing and how to use of technologies in advertising has helped millions of businesses to meet growth and success.

Today, millions of companies are utilizing technology-driven marketing to take their brand to another level.

How This Information is Important to a Business?

If the data are to be considered 44% marketers utilize big data and use proper analytics with the help of qualitative vs quantitative Data to improve their effectiveness. Firms utilize the insights from the data to understand what the users are more likely to, what they enjoy the most and what is it that does not interest the consumers at all. This can help businesses planning according their marketing strategies that succeeds well.

Now, with the advancement in technologies, it has become easier than ever to contain all the details or information to understanding your clients more closely.

In other words, the scope of your corporate business growth will be quite high.

Have a look on these Popular Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is using in almost every business. Firms are knowing its power & importance to make AI driven processes more efficient.

According to marketing, artificial intelligence is trending & helps companies to get more audience by providing recommendation engines, predictive search, Chatbots, etc.

Use of these technologies and tools are helping companies offer a much better experience to their customers and also market themselves better. AI is valuable for both businesses and their users.

Virtual Reality

Brand and businesses have taken it to another level by providing virtual reality encounters to their users.

Big brands such as Audi have already start using this technology to give their users a better experience. They are offering their customers to push a brand new Audi Q5 at a giant digital sandbox that gives them a real-time experience of driving the car.

This made their marketing strategy look more innovative, effective and remarkable!

Cloud Computing

This technology is a superb indicator for the growth purpose of cloud computing and how businesses are utilizing it.

Internet of Things

If you're comfortable with the happenings around the planet, we all are knowing that you've heard of IoT- the Internet of Things.

Company owners are looking forward to the IOT as a fantastic chance to go deeper insights into consumer psychology and the procedure for purchasing.

IoT is a network of physical devices, and allow a perfect platform to transfer more information over the network without any real time interaction.

Thus more connected devices an individual has, a better chance that the marketer stands for reaching out to you.

Marketers who adapt and adopt newer technologies can personalize, engage, and connect with their prospects and clients in much more purposeful ways.

According to the World Economic

The three important technology drives on high, and achieve expansion are cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

But, newer tech like Big Data and Virtual Reality (VR) are called to change the landscape even more.

Big Data & Cloud technology both has opened up doors to both large and small businesses to collect massive amounts of client information.

Today's corporations know more about customers than ever before and helping them to produce targeted and personalized ads.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) reasoning and cognitive applied to computer and algorithmic processes hold to make faster, more precise advertising and marketing decisions and predictions.

Machine Learning

Intelligent audience segmentation and analytics can perform and examine millions of data points to aid marketers in optimizing and adapting their campaigns in real time.


Chatbots are a relatively cheap and flexible way for manufacturers to boost customer support as they can quickly give data-related responses and take orders.

It integrates into a website, program, or social media platform, and collect lot of information to use in advertising strategies.

Voice Search

Voice applications is now being utilized more than ever to hunt, comprising almost 1/3 of those 3.5 billion Google searches done every day. This change will likely to pay you definitely and organic search strategy practices in the future.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

AR and VR provide a fantastic combination & allowing them to explore a product, participate with the newest, and purchase at precisely the exact same time even creating more senses and emotions.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Wearables Devices

The gain in the number of connected devices will end in a web of connected objects that marketers can harness to find out consumer information, such as their likes and dislikes.

So, has shifted your company's strategies as well?

Hence, we can see how technology has to be a saviour for the marketers! With the technologies growing quickly, Corporate business strategies are changing the way they enhance their market.

These new technologies are expected to bring more connectivity to the entire world through multiple touch points. Hence, it will help entrepreneurs to generate more holistic and targeted efforts in the future.

Shikha Sharma received a Master's degree in Computer science and now she is working as Content Marketing Strategist at Xtreem Solution, leading Intermittent fasting app development company. Her professional interest is focused on grabbing Knowledge. She is very passionate about her profession. Apart from this, she is a coffee lover & nature lover. She loves to read books and also crazy about photography, traveling, adventure trips and pastel rainbows.
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