7 Tips to Hire Android App Developers

7 Tips to Hire Android App Developers

The recent technological advancement and innovations have made mobile apps the need of the hour for every business. Mobile apps have paved the way for companies to enhance and market their business.

The world has moved forward from websites and androids are becoming the emerging platforms for every business to promote their brands. Androids have carved a niche for themselves by offering some of the superior benefits to their users. As per studies, about 85% of total mobile sales are accounted for androids.

The popularity of androids has made businesses reach out to customers easily. At the same time, the detailing with which this platform comes has made android app development a very challenging task.

Going into top android app developers for hire can be really exhausting because there are very few available experts in the local market. Limited budget and the need to rule here and now, looks like a “mission impossible”.

Why Android App Developers?

Every business deserves a great android app, not that it assures you of success nor does it promise losses. Most businesses understand that if you need to connect and interact with their users and target audience then mobile apps are necessary nowadays. This is because of the visually appealing and responsive ways mobile apps perform.

It is easy to hire anyone to develop a mobile app but they could sometimes jeopardize your project and turn it into a total waste of money and efforts. Hence hiring an expert in the android field will make things smooth.

When going for an Android app developer for hire is easy as they work closely and work as per the requirements of the customer. Android app development does not have any stringent hardware requirements to support the app development environment. This makes android app development more cost-effective for developers and businesses.

Android app development will help a business to reach out to more customers thus improving their sales, brand image and creating a loyal customer base.

7 Tips to hire Android App Developer

ü Innovation is the need of the hour: Your idea should be able to explore the unexplored. For this, your android app developer should know how to implement your new ideas through their zeal and get to know more about your ideas. Ask the developer for some of the innovative projects they have worked on before zeroing in on him. This will help you to know how much the developer loves to work on new technologies and checks on the latest trends. If they can clearly explain this to you then you have the right android app developer.

  • Quality: Quality should be the top priority when you are hiring an android app developer. There are so many developers out there in the market but you should make sure they maintain a consistent quality during their development process. Scrutinize and ensure on the developer’s previous projects and the flow of these apps will give you an idea about the total quality of the app.

  • Previous projects: The previous projects handled by the android app developer speaks a lot of their skills. Check on their previous works as this will help you to get an actual idea of how capable the developer is. In some cases, the developer may not show you some of his projects as he would have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Such a situation will let you know that he respects the non-disclosure agreement he has signed with his client. Also try and contact some of their previous clients as this will help you in getting a clear picture of the developer.

  • Basics: Your chosen android app developer should have a clear understanding of the basics of coding. This should be a top priority as people who are good at the basics are usually better than the others who only memorize a particular code and implement them. Your business can take a flight if you can find such a developer but the problem is on how to identify such a developer. During your meeting with the android app developer ask them about the latest technical innovations. If you see a zeal in their eyes, then be sure that they are clear of their basics.

  • Cost Justification: There are so many android app developers who offer services for fewer costs. They will make cheap offers and give you a low-quality product or run away in the middle of the project. Beware of such frauds. Make a budget and if the cost seems low it would not be a good idea to hire that particular developer. Most people who know their worth will not charge low rates than the market rate and that is something which you should take note of. If the deal looks too good it will definitely cost you much higher and will go a long way to improve your business.

  • Agreement: A lot of android app developers in the market will sell the code which was written for you to various other places. When you get something tailor-made then you have the full right to it. Make sure that these points are included in the agreement and it is signed by the android app developer. Always discuss the non-disclosure terms well in advance and put them in the agreement as this will not create problems in the future.

  • Post-development support: Most of the top android app development companies offer minimum support for at least three months from the date of the deliverance of the project. This is an unavoidable part but you can offer them a little more money to convince them to provide you support after deliverance. Do not forget to put it up in the agreement that obvious errors in the app must be resolved before the final payment is made for the app.


With the growing trend more and more businesses will want an android app developer for the growth of their business. So, android is expected to yield more business for both developers and businesses.

It may seem a bit tough in the beginning while hiring an android app developer but eventually, you will figure out exactly what you expect from them. But at the end of the day getting to design your project by an android app developer will always deliver a good track record.

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on dedicated mobile app developer hire.

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