Top 8 Medical Apps For Medical Students & Professionals

Top 8 Medical Apps For Medical Students & Professionals

It is no doubt that students of the medical field are to study a lot and go through hard work to accomplish their dream of being a doctor, healthcare expert, or a nurse. However, their education doesn't end just upon getting graduated.

They are required to update themselves regarding new research and latest innovation in the field. With the arrival of free Android applications, Google Play store is loaded with many great Medical Apps that not only make studies easier for students but also keep healthcare professionals up to date with latest medical tech innovation. Furthermore, these aid in information gathering, data analytics, research, and evaluation.

That is why friends, I have come up with a list of top 8 Medical Apps that every medical student and professional must download and install in their Android phones to accelerate their expertise and professional practice. Mentioned below are the apps:


Medscape from WebMD is the top leading medical resource frequently used by nursing students, surgeons, physicians, and other healthcare professionals for various clinical information. The Medscape App (Medscape.com) is the fast growing, high rated free mobile app for healthcare experts with over 4 million registered users.

Moreover, a new feature, viz. Medscape Consult, in the app, allows physicians to make clinical questions, discuss challenging cases, and share interesting data.

Diseases Dictionary

As a stethoscope is an essential instrument for medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in on and off clinical settings defining their profession; similarly, they must have at least basic knowledge about various illnesses, diseases and health issues.

Diseases Dictionary Medical app is completely offline and free app, containing organized definitions, symptoms, causes, summaries, and treatment information for various medical disorders and conditions.

Millions of registered users including pharmaceuticals, physicians, hospital assistants, healthcare experts, and learners who work in clinical practice and dispensary are quite satisfied with its usage. It can be used as a free pocket nursing guide for emergency purposes as well.

Explain Medicine

Explain Medicine is a quick reference guiding tool for medical professionals. If you are a student, nursing practitioner, or a physician, you will find the articles contained in the app ideal for rapid revision.

All information and facts are directly supported by references and citations to journals and standard textbooks. It is an ongoing and constantly evolving app, containing over 700 articles developed by over 100 doctors.

Medical Terminologies

Some occasionally and other often fail to recall certain terminologies and formal vocabulary that pops up into great information and explanation once a glimpse of the term comes in their mind. For those people, Medical Terminologies Android app is just the thing to add ease in their studies and job-related work.

It features both common and uncommon terms, words and phrases that have satisfactorily been used by physicians, personal assistants, nurses, students, experts, and many others reaching average registered users in millions. With this simple yet powerful, free tool you can recall meanings of thousands of terms used in healthcare settings in the English language.

Medical Wikipedia

Now you don’t need to be online for detailed information regarding various healthcare terminologies, including diseases, anatomy, medications, and sanitation. Because Wikipedia brings you Offline Medical Encyclopedia which is the biggest collection of healthcare articles on Android.

With over 50 thousand registered users expressing high rating satisfaction, it is a perfect application for medicine, physicians, and other healthcare students, including general public as well.

Medical Formulas

If you are a nursing student or an experienced medical professional, you must have firsthand accurate information regarding the job you are doing. Medical Formulas is a top-class, free app providing intuitive access to the main equations, scores, and formulas used in clinical settings, classified in various specialties, that makes it the most useful and powerful medical calculator.

Built by developers with the specialization in the subject, it enables you to get superior accurate results in clinical work with minimum time consumption. The formulas are easy to use that are thoroughly tested based on the primary scores evaluated and validated by the scientific community.

It contains numerous functions, criteria, scores and formulas of different specialties including Nutrition, Medication, Emergency Cure, Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynecology, and much more. Moreover, this Android app features the most used functions highlighting Idea Body Weight.

Prognosis: Emergency Medicine

Make this app as an essential part of your medical accessories to meet emergencies. Because, Prognosis: Emergency Medicine allows nursing students, physicians, and healthcare professionals to test their decision-making skills in a risk-free environment while sharpening their clinical knowledge and expertise.

There are interesting discussions at the end of every scenario that are helpful for experienced physicians to refresh their knowledge.

Moreover, it also serves as an interesting practice guide for those embarking on a career in Emergency Medicine. Over 120 physicians across 27 specialties have reviewed all the clinical cases and discussions. For your information, life-threatening diseases including Acute Appendicitis and Acetaminophen Poisoning have also been covered.

Medical & Surgical Procedure

Learn common as well as serious medical and surgical procedures in a very easy and simple way with Medical & Surgical Procedure that is designed for doctors and medical students simultaneously. Various techniques and procedures are explained in a clear and concise way to make your learning more effective and efficient.

The app is an ultimate combination of information and explanation for knowledge seekers of the procedures that include Lumber Puncture, Venipuncture, Nebulization, Intravenous Cannulation, Tracheotomy, Urinary Catheterization, Blood Pressure Recording, and Endoscopy.

All apps as mentioned above are designed to make your studies easier and more qualified, add value in your experience, upgrade your knowledge, keep you ever updated regarding new research and treatment methodologies, and make you a smarter in your job.

Get into the discussion with senior professional on Medscape, know about minor to major medical issues on Diseases Dictionary and Medical Terminologies, have detailed information regarding a particular health problem on Medical Wikipedia, better your diagnostic performance by using Medical Formulas, and get guidelines to tackle emergencies on Prognosis: Emergency Medicine.

These apps are an amazingly easy yet efficient way to learn things quickly and upscale your professional expertise effectively.

Mool Manoj Khatri is a holistic therapist and freelance content writer and has written several topics in the medical and tech field. He loves doing yoga in the morning, and spend weekend evenings on the beach.

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