8 Best Career Assessment and Personality Tests To Help You Find the Right Job

8 Best Career Assessment and Personality Tests To Help You Find the Right Job

What’s a job that doesn’t’ make you happy? What’s an office space that doesn’t suit you at all? Well, it's nothing but a wrong choice! You might have had a dream of pursuing a career as a child which is nowhere close to reality now. You might even be doing a job today that hardly feeds your soul. Career options are almost impossible to make without understanding the personality we exhibit. Imagine a guy who prefers to code working as a content writer. 

Imagine all the coders out there who wanted to be a painter or footballer instead. Do you see the pain and the struggle they cope with daily? Well, that’s what wrong career options are capable of doing. Our parents might not have had the right career advisors back then, but today we have them in plenty. Here are eight best career assessment and personality tests to help you find the right job:

Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator

The reason why I have enlisted Myer's Briggs at the top is that it is undoubtedly the best in the business. It results in a four-letter type result and includes 16 different types of personalities. Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator is a widely used test used by companies while hiring employees. The test is not a happy-go-lucky assessment but delves deeper into personalities. It determines your personality traits, the decisions you take and why you take them. Depending on your personality type, it is easier to understand what kind of work will motivate you. There is a free version of the test available online which is sufficient for anybody. However, there are also MBTI assessments certified by administrators that you can opt. 

The Big Five Personality Test

The Big Five Personality Test focuses on how well you communicate with others. It is also a test that evaluates how you perform in a working environment as a colleague. It helps you decide whether you should be into jobs that put you in a room with others or choose something that doesn’t involve that. It measures the five factors of your personality. The factors include Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Your score in each trait helps you analyze the real you. It is a free-to-use psychological test. One has to rate their answers anything between accurate and inaccurate.

MAPP Career Assessment Test

The MAPP Career Assessment Test comes a close second to Myers Briggs. It is a significant comprehensive assessment. It includes everything from subjective preferences to reasoning. Since it encompasses a lot of questions and a detailed study, it is a longer test compared to others on the list. This test is best at delivering an answer to what you love to do and what you don’t. The results of this test are usually excellent in deciding what type of job will best fit you.

Career Strengths Test

While giving a test that requires you to answer genuinely, the chances are that you might not even be self-aware. Not only that, but it is also tough to stay unbiased when you choose your strengths and weak points. The Career Strengths Test can rescue you of the trouble here. Designed by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, this test conducts skill assessment. From reasoning to concept organizations, it covers everything. After you complete the tests, it displays a list of jobs that are best suited for your skills.

123 Career Test

123 Career test is one of the simplest and quickest career assessments out in the market today. This test helps you to identify the work environment and the type of job your personality will fit itself. To do so, it makes you choose from different work-related pictures of people doing work. It hardly takes around 5-10 minutes to take this test. It is based on Holland Code personality types and helps you analyze what kind of job will feed your soul the best. This test is crucial to decide the working environment that suits you. After all, the travel junkie in you can’t sit in a room and work, right?


Pymetrics is undoubtedly a unique approach to personality and job tests. It is a test that assures you to understand your work habits. But it does so by including puzzles and mind games and not the usual questions/answers. It is excellent at measuring social and cognitive behaviors. In doing so, it also tests your problem-solving skills to delve deeper into possible career options. It primarily assesses you on what you are and not what you think you are.

My Next Move O*NET Interests Profiler

The O*NET Interests Profiler is a test that contains 60 questions that deals with various work-related activities. Your interest can range from 'strongly like' to 'strongly dislike' for each task described in the matter. This test is a sponsored test by the U.S Department of Labour. It is also a useful tool in suggesting you the career that will fit you. It helps you filter job choices based on your current qualification. It also indicates the amount of preparation or online learning needed for other jobs that interest you.


MyPlan.com is a career assessment test that works on identifying work values. After all, can you imagine working in a company that hardly relates to the values you bring with yourself? By taking this test, you can narrow down your search as it separates the work values into six different clusters. If you’re not sure of what environment will suit you best, the test can also provide the most profound insights on it.

Finding the right job is a burning issue for most of the people today. There are cases where people feel that they had been doing the wrong job half of their lives. If you do not want to be one of them, it is vital to take the tests that assess your personality and career.

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