Top IT Industry Jobs in Texas

Top IT Industry Jobs in Texas

Texas is fast becoming the next Silicon Valley. It’s now home to a phalanx of tech companies, some of which made it to Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of 2019. This list distinguishes companies in the tech sector that has realized significant growth.

According to Dallas News, eight tech companies based in the Lone Star state have carved a place for themselves in the list. Texas will soon become a major hub for technology and software companies like its West Coast neighbor.

Below are some of the IT Jobs in Texas that you or your friends can apply.

Software Developer

An entry-level position, the Software Developer, works with a team of counterparts to create programs according to a project’s specifications.

Job opportunities and descriptions for Software Developers are very diverse. That’s because there are various programming languages and disciplines that are utilized in development projects.

Fortunately, it’s easy to identify what specialties or specific programming skills a company needs. You can expect to work in firmware development for automated teller machines, a specialty of Plano-based NCR Corporation, for instance.

Another opportunity is to be a mobile software developer for companies like Saicon Consultants or MATRIX Resources.

IT Support Technician

The IT support technician takes care of the infrastructure that the rest of the company uses in order to share information and to do their jobs in general. Depending on the company’s nature of the business, an IT support technician’s role could include maintaining both the hardware and software used by the organization’s desktop computers.

In some cases, an IT support technician is similar to a customer service representative. However, they only entertain calls and emails with inquiries relevant to computer usage. Customers can call them for support on troubleshooting problems with their computer network, PC software, or hardware.

IT Engineer

The IT Engineer is a notch above the software developers in rank. This is a managerial position, so you might need some experience to qualify for the post.

This job is more on the systems analysis and design spectrum of software development. The IT Engineer is responsible for designing deployment plans for projects and then overseeing the actual process through until the end.

Companies like Team Velocity in Fort Worth also detail additional tasks for the IT engineer that is on the support side of the business. In Team Velocity, the IT Engineer is responsible for maintaining the internal infrastructure and in setting up virtual machines for the development teams.

IT Consultant

The IT Consultant is the last in our list of IT Jobs in Texas. However, it’s not the least in terms of job challenge and fulfillment.

The IT Consultant job, which Dallas-based BairesDev is hiring for, involves in-depth sales analysis and planning using CRM software like SalesForce. You’ll be in charge of lead generation, as well as for coordinating with the Sales Teams on how to nurture the leads and turn them into sales.

Although its nature is sales-based, the IT Consultant ultimately generates prospects that will buy the company’s technology products. It’s a good position that exposes you to both development, pre-sales, and after-sales part of the business.
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