Home Library Bookshelf Hacks

Home Library Bookshelf Hacks

If you have just shifted to a new home and are short of space but have to manage a lot of stuff, we can help you a bit. If your students are still studying in school, college or high school, you must have a load of books and would look like a mess once your children start studying. 

Children are keen to study in a mess and spread their books in different places and do not organize the notes. They usually leave their books at the place where they study and leave without arranging or cleaning the area. it is better to create a bookshelf which is a low budget and looks beautiful too. This article provides you with creative ideas that do not take much of your budget and space. If this is all that you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

Storage Under Stairs

The most common practice of utilizing the space below the stairs is to make a store it that space and utilize it for keeping extra stuff that does not fit in your house. Making a door at its opening is a common practice. Putting books in the store would not help you as it would make you open or access the store repeatedly. A good practice is to make a shelf below the stairs and on the outer wall of the store. This will look appealing and would provide ease of access for the books. Moreover, the shelves are easier to manage and would be an excellent practice to teach the children.

Cabinet Storage for Books

If it seems that the books of your children are torn and not looking good to be placed on an open shelf, then you can search for some other techniques. The most basic method would be to put the books into closed cabinets that are not revealing a lot from the inside. This would keep the books organized and easy to access. 

It would further utilize the space that was not utilized prior. If you are using a cabinet that was previously used for other purposes and are discarding it, please use it again. Buy some wallpapers and paste them on the walls and shelves. It will give a new look and help you stay within the budget. The benefits would be numerous and provide you with a suitable, organized place to keep your children's books.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Bookshelves that are usually present at homes are kept to a certain height that could be accessed by anyone. Well, the idea of having accessible shelves is good but if space needs to be utilized efficiently and you are looking for spacious shelves, go for a floor to ceiling shelf. This will bring a lot of space to your storage room along with an excellent spacious look. Various techniques can resolve the matter of accessibility. An innovative method would be to have a sliding ladder similar to a sliding door or partition that is placed in meeting rooms at offices. 

This might result in extra spending but would look amazing provided that the carpenter provides you with good woodwork that requires minimal maintenance. If that is not the case, you will suffer after implementing the idea. If you are not in favor of putting a ladder, then you can always place a dice, stool or creative seating that could serve the purpose of reaching the topmost cabinet. This would look at a library or reading place where the readers would sit comfortably. The place could prove attractive for children to access different books. Placing seating arrangement near the bookshelf would provide less room for fuss, and things would be more organized.

Books Storage in Dressing Shelves

If you are living in a house that was built without a bookshelf, then you must be struggling to organize books. The best practice is to store the required books on shelves that are already made. Obviously, that excludes kitchen shelves. Apart from those your house must be having shelves in dressing rooms. These shelves are also utilized so that the space in the home could be efficiently utilized.

Wall Built Shelves

If you are designing the structure of your house, you would be looking for spacious rooms. The best practice is to utilize the most out of the necessities. Walls are necessities of homes and can be used for making shelves. Wall built cupboards are also the right choice for using space. Leaving space for small bulbs and electricity connections with a good design can provide you with a beautiful wall library that could save space and keep books organized. It can also provide a light source for reading close to the shelf and would not seem bad in terms of decoration of the house.

Entryway Shelves

Generally, the wall space around the doors is not utilized correctly. It is an excellent option to construct shelves around the door. Once different books having various colors would be placed, the entryway would seem beautiful and give a new look that would be unique for the guests too.

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