What Format Should a CV Have? DISC Profile Creates the Best Leaders

 What format should a CV have? DISC profile creates the best leaders

When a candidate searches for a job , one of the first things to consider is their CV . When preparing this document, doubts arise: What format should a CV have? What is preferred by the selectors? Is there a standard template for a CV ?

If you are looking for an answer to the last question, from CV-Coach we will tell you that it does not exist. In the selection processes, as in life itself, the well-known phrase “for tastes, the colors” can be applied, although it is true that among the selectors there are certain preferences.

When designing your resume you must be consistent with the sector of your activity: the resume of a candidate looking for a position of CEO for the financial sector will have nothing to do with that of a graphic designer or a professional of advertising. So, taking into account your profession, you can afford certain creative licenses that are not always well regarded in other types of sectors.

Whichever CV type you choose, keep in mind the 3 basic characteristics of a good resume template:

Opt for a clean and simple structure that makes reading easier

The CV may contain more or less information, but it must always have a simple and coherent structure that invites reading. It is known that the recruiters must process a large number of resumes in short periods of time, so you will contribute to leaving your CV in the pile of “possible” if its structure allows a quick identification of the most relevant information for the company. . Spaces, tabs and bold will be your great allies.

Pay Attention to the Extension

When you have a lot of experience, it is often difficult to prevent our CV from taking up pages and more pages. How to risk deleting information that may be important to the coach?

A CV should never exceed 2 pages (folios) in length, for the same reason mentioned above: unfortunately, a selector does not have time to read 5-page resumes. The key is to know how to summarize your experience, achievements and skills in such a way that, although you cannot explain every detail of your previous jobs, you generate interest in the coach so that he decides to expand on these points in a subsequent interview.

Do not Abuse Decorative Elements that are Superfluous or Distracting

The CV is a practical document intended to demonstrate the candidate's experience and skills. Decorative elements are only acceptable if they in some way support the structure or content of the resume. Avoid the inclusion of elements or colors that do not add value to the document.

If you need help optimizing, improving and turning your CV , do not hesitate to contact the CV Writing services offered by professional resume service.

The DISC® Test is a behavioral tool, used worldwide, that allows us to determine how the person communicates through their behavior and what they need so that this communication can be two-way and successful, that is, it allows us to speak a language or common language in the field of behavior, reactions and emotions.

Regarding which profile or style creates the best leaders, the best serious answer, all or any . Leaders who have been described as effective by their colleagues, their bosses, or their subordinates are multidimensional leaders who are good at many different things. These leaders make choices about their behavior, sometimes even acting against their natural personalities in order to achieve their goals.

The leadership has nothing to do with your DISC style , but with self - perception, using your natural talents and strengthen your weaknesses. It is related to having a vision and getting others to get involved in it or improve it. Effective leaders are people who help an organization to be able to respond to challenges.

It is not possible to predict in the DISC profile who may be the best leaders of an organization. In fact, it is very likely that people who lead in a more humble or inclusive way are being overlooked in your organization , because leaders are usually sought among the most decisive or imposing personalities.

You can use DISC to help your employees, team, or clients become better leaders by offering the Everything DISC Worplace Profile Report, which will help develop leaders rather than trying to identify them through personality profiles.

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