Tips for Web Developers to Increase Website Speed

Tips for Web Developers to Increase Website Speed

Users use the site for various reasons in their daily work. When users search for queries on the phone or the desktop using their digital assistants, they expect quick and appropriate responses. For example, if a user first enters the question "The Best Web Design Company," the user will likely click on the first result displayed. Still, if the webpage will take a lot of time to load much faster than expected, in that case, the user can go to another website.

Only getting a website designed for your business doesn't work. Improving the loading speed of websites is also a necessary process. According to Google’s instructions, the site should load in 3 seconds. The 2018-2019 study also found that if the download time exceeds 3 seconds, users will leave the site. This shows that a slow load of the website not only reduces the traffic of the website but also the ranking of the website.

This blog post provides suggestions for improving site performance and page load times.

Why Is It Important to Increase the Speed of Website?

Highly dynamic websites can offer a higher number of repeat visits, a lower bounce rate, a higher conversion rate, participation, a more top position in natural search, and improved user experience. Slow websites can damage the money and status of the business. Reducing page load times has an optimistic impression on marketing and sales procedures. You get more traffic and invite more potential visitors that can be converted into customers.

The page load time is a network performance indicator that shows the time required to display a page on the user's screen. Let's see how the optimization of the website speed affects the main components of the success of the website.

  • Visibility: Website load time also affects how easy it is for users to find. Website speed is one of the aspects that Google considers when categorizing websites. Poorly performing sites have a bad user experience, which leads to less advertising for search results.

  • Conversion: The conversion of websites is an essential aspect of the success of your business. This means that you can let your visitors do what you expect—for example, buying products, signing up for newsletter events, the process for webinars, downloading instructions, etc.

Some Essential Tips for Web Developers to Speed up the Website

Utilizing Browser Caching

If your website has features common to many pages and the file is already in the browser's cache, it will not need to request the file/content again, so the cache is handy. Therefore, you only need to load CSS-style sheets and images once. 

The fewer files you need to order and download from the server, the quicker the web page will load. If your site uses caching and updates your site files (especially JavaScript and CSS files) during the development process, you can manually clear your browser's temporary Internet file cache or require a reload.

Improving Image Size

Images are an essential part of a website as they make your website attractive and allow more users to interact with it. Sites that have no images and only some content are considered to be unappealing. Note, however, that these images will slow down your website's loading speed. 

In that case, you need to use HTML-responsive images that make the site responsive. Another option is to compress the image quality. This method is not recommended for websites, but it does not affect image quality.

Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A Content Delivery Network is a group of web servers that are spread across different locations and that provide end-users with a web page from that location. Maintaining the site on a single server directs all user requests to the same hardware.

 This increases the time required to process each request. Also, when users are physically isolated from the server, download times increase. The CDN directs user requests to the nearest server. Thus, content can be delivered to users more quickly, and your website can run faster. This is quite expensive, but it is a very effective way to optimize load times of a website.

Plugins Setting

Plugins are often the main reason for slowing down WordPress hosting sites. Remove unnecessary or avoidable extensions. By selectively removing plugins and evaluating server performance, you can find slow-running plugins. 

In addition, to speed up your mobile WordPress site, see guides on the internet as soon as possible to activate Google AMP on your WordPress site.

Try To Minify Resources

As you know, even small code can increase the file size, which slows down your website. Therefore, it may be necessary to reduce the file size. To accomplish this task, you must start with HTML and JavaScript that match the appearance of the website. Also, try to reduce and merge small files, which increases the file size unnecessarily. Minifying means removing needless formatting and white space.

Lessen Redirects

The problem of cracked links can usually be solved by redirection technology. When you move or delete pages, redirects often occur. The redirect should be removed entirely from the site, according to Google. 

But this is not for all purposes or possible purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize, since these tools recognize all redirects to your website, many tools on the market can find all redirects to your site. After reviewing all of your redirects, try to lessen them. 

Monitor Your Website Speed Eventually

After adjusting your website, start tracking your speed in a matter of hours. All you need to do is open the site and take into account the loading time of the website. There are many tools on the internet you can use to track the speed of your website.


Today, the average user expects a web page to load in less than 3 seconds. If you do not meet the expected obstacles, you will lose a lot of website traffic, leading to a loss of revenue.
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