Home Maintenance: 9 Useful Plumbing Tips You Should Know

Home Maintenance: 9 Useful Plumbing Tips You Should Know

What bought a new house what things you need to check before start living? You will look for the rooms, kitchen, wardrobe but the most important thing people ignore is the plumbing system of the house. Where is the main water supply? Is everything working in the bathroom? Are there any leaks in the pipes or do you need to change the water heater? There are so many things to look at when it comes to home plumbing but most people ignore it. 

You don’t want any type of water damage in your house as water damage could cause some severe problems in the house. Even a small leak could be dangerous. You should know more or seek more help about plumbing when buying a house. Here we will discuss what things you need to know about plumbing if you want to maintain your house.

Know The Main Water Supply Valve

First and foremost, you must know where is your main water supply valve is. Your entire house has a main water supply line you can turn ON and OFF in case of an emergency. Know the location of that valve so in case you need to shut the water supply you don’t go running here and there just to find the water valve. Most people don’t even know where their water shut down valve is and during an emergency, it should be the priority to shut down the main water supply.

How To Deal with Clogs

This is a serious problem and one of the most common ones too. People face clogs pipes or drain that is because some people drop garbage that shouldn’t be in your drain or pipes. Food waste and other solid waste can clog your pipes. Even your bathroom drain can get clogs due to hair and other waste. Don’t use chemicals down your drain as it could damage your pipes and whole drainage system. Use some plumbing tools to pull or push the clogs. Don’t throw unwanted waste down your drain as it could block your drain.

Dealing With Leaks

Even a small leak could cause massive damage to your house. Sometimes it's very hard to detect a leak. Leaks could be anywhere in your home and might not even find them until the damage has been caused. Don’t ignore any kind of leaks in your home you should fix the leak quickly or it can get worse. Some leaks could be under your slabs or walls which are hard to detect but some equipment will help you to find those leaks.

Use Toilet Properly

Your toilet is not a dustbin it is made for only human waste. Some people even throw solid waste in their toilet that can cause a blockage in your toilet. There could also be a leakage in your toilet without even your concern you need to look for the leaks. Don’t throw hair or tissue papers in your toilet as it can cause some serious clogs in your toilet. Use food color to detect a leak in your toilet tank if the color of the water changes then there is a leak in your toilet tank.

Keep Your Pipes Warm During Winter

In some places, there is an excess cold and it can freeze your pipes if they are outside. You will not have any access to the water supply once your pipe freezes. In some cases, your pipe can even burst due to excess cold. Try to keep your house and pipes warm during winter. You should run hot water through your pipes in winter to keep them warm and saves your pipe from freezing. Keep your house well insulated during winter and if possible, keep warm water running through your pipes.

Take Care Of Water Heater

A water heater is an important device at your home, especially in winters. You can get access to hot water even during the cold. But you need to take care of your water heater as it also needs cleaning. Water contains sediments and it gets accumulated in your water heater. The result could lead to damaging your water heater. Don’t run your water heater for too long as it might burst due to excess heating. A normal lifespan of a heater could be between 10-15 years. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to replace and clean your water heater. Take proper care of your water heater.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is an important and useful tool for your house. But you should know what things you should be throwing in your garbage disposal. Don’t throw vegetable or fruit peels or solid waste like bones or cereals as it could damage your garbage disposal. Run some cold water before and after you use your garbage disposal to clean it. Do not overuse your garbage disposal. Do not throw any fats or grease in your garbage disposal.

Look For High Pressure

High pressure can do a lot of damage to your pipes and faucet. If you don’t have a pressure reducing valve in your house install it. High pressure can damage your pipes and can even burst pipes. You don’t know when and where you have high pressure so you need to have a pressure reducing valve so it could reduce the high pressure of water. High pressure can even damage your walls and interiors.

Find A Professional Plumber

You should know a professional plumber from your locality. A plumber is someone who knows every plumbing system of your home. A professional plumber can save your day and can save some bucks. A good plumber knows how to deal with any situation of your plumbing. A plumber can also inspect for any plumbing issue and can recommend you for repairing or how to fix it. Always have a professional plumber in your contact list whom you can call during a plumbing emergency.

Now you know how important it is to know about the plumbing system of your home. Know how to deal with plumbing issues and how you can fix them. Don’t overlook any leaks and don’t misuse your plumbing appliances take good care of your plumbing systems. If your house is too old you need must change all the piping system and install a new one. If you are renovating your house, you should also change all your plumbing systems. Plumbing is an important part of your housing so before buying a new house one should never ignore the plumbing system of the house.

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