10 Best eBook Reading Android Apps

Best eBook Reading Android Apps
These days printed books are almost vanishing and with the introduction of eReaders, reading has become more popular than ever. One can store countless number of eBooks on their Android device and choosing the best eReader app, becomes always a difficult situation for every user. So let’s have a look at some of the best eReaders that you can always use on your Android device at its best.

Aldiko Book Reader

One of the most commonly used eReader is Aldiko which has almost conquered hearts of voracious readers. This app supports nearly all eBook formats. Some users may be already familiar with the App because in some Android device this comes pre-installed. There are customization options in this App which makes it easier even for beginners. The App uses a simple interface and as an add on, Aldiko also offers multiple bookstores which is really a great help to the readers.


This is one of the most popular ebook reading apps. It also contains features for commenting and chatting about books. In addition to all the reading features, it also supports ebook writing features to publish your own books.

Cool Reader

This is a bit complicated app and not anyways best one for beginners. Slightly more advanced interface, the App provides more of theming and text options. Unfortunately there are no stores in this App and so hence the user has to buy books from elsewhere and store them into the App. But then once you get used to this App, it’s pretty much easy like any other.


FBReader works as a standalone reader and almost caters every reader and makes their reading comfortable. If you are a voracious reader and you have lot many books to import, then FBReader is the best option.This App comes with theming options for pages which will definitely help the user to less strain eyes.


Kobo is best preferred among the beginners.Nothing great to speak on Kobo. The only special aspect of this App is that it just allows the user to actively comment on books they read.The App is unique, and once you get a hangover if it, it’s surely fun.


There wouldn’t be a single reader who hasn’t heard the name of Kindle. Kindle is one of the best eReaders and yes the users give a positive response always. As a prolific reader you get whatever you need from Kindle. The mass collection of old and new books in tandem, Kindle is a top notch place for all kinds and genres of readers. The Kindle comes up with all standard features and more readers do depend on the App day by day. Kindle app is supported on all mobile platforms.


Nook has an amazing collection of books like Amazon. May it be old or new, the reader can almost find all books here. The App comes with usual settings like text size, font, and night mode etc. And as an add on, Nook also has their epic page turning animations but tad disappointingly the App doesn’t provide the option of importing books.

Moon+ Reader

The most wanted eReader App, that’s what is the best description that goes with Moon+ Reader. It has the best looking themes, supports all kinds eBook formats, stunning looks and great performance are some of the perfect lines you can join with Moon+ Reader.The App also comes packed with options like access to various bookstores, auto-scroll modes, gesture controlsand the best part is, it is available in 40 languages.

Google Play Books

Google Play Book has improved so much to an extent that it includes all features an eReader App should have. One can upload EPUB and PDF files to the library, and a countless of performance enhancements and UI tweaks. People who like to stick on with Google experience; this is definitely a best option.

Mantano Ebook Reader

Yet another eReader which can be included in the top ten lists is Mantano Ebook Reader. The App has a cloud service that could be synced with books across platforms, just similar to as that of Kindle’s Whisper sync. The App also contains organizational features, reading features, and lot more stuff that can make a reader more comfortable.

PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader is a free ebook reader that also allows you to make notes and highlight content in a PDF file. It supports multiple modes for viewing the ebooks and reading convenience.

Universal Book Reader

This is a free ebook application that allows you to read EPUB and PDF files. This is a simple app that can be used to read any eBooks from the memory card on your device.

EBook Reader & PDF Reader

This is another eBook reader that supports many document formats. This application provides many convenience features for easy reading and searching inside the content of ebooks.

Ebook Reader

Yet another ebook reading app that supports multiple reading features. It also has a collection of popular books that can be downloaded.

These are some of the best Android Apps for eBook reading. Picking the best android eReader app depends on the need and requirement of the reader. The above ones are some of the best. Try them and enjoy every bit of reading, whenever and wherever you go.

This article was contributed by Gail Foster from EssaysOrigin.com, an online review platform for writing services. He writes about different topics that vary from technology to health issues and educational to entertainment.

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